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Our Favorite Designers from Runway Houston

Our Favorite Designers from Runway Houston

Houston is becoming a fashion hub to rival any other major city. With the increase of luxury brands putting down roots in the energy centric city, the opening of luxury shopping centers housing brands like Tom Ford, Jo Malone, Dior and the like, and a passionate local designer community, there is a huge appreciation for fashion here. In typical Houston fashion, few major events are without a philanthropic layer. Since its inception Runway Houston, founded by Omar Marcos, has maintained its philanthropic roots. In the past Runway Houston has raised funds for various non-profits including the American Cancer Society, the Houston SPCA, the Leukemia Lymphoma Society, Houston Children Give Back and Heart to Heart Animal Rescue.  This season, which also marked the foundation’s 5th year, the proceeds went to benefit Crime Stoppers of Houston and Yellowstone Academy.

Set against the luxury backdrop of the River Oaks District, Runway Houston was held outdoors. Occupency went beyond three rows of seating to standing room only around the perimeter of the large show space. Needless to say, the turnout was strong.

Three designers stood out to us on the runway with pieces we couldn’t wait to try on! Check out our favorites below:

Runway images by Scott McCombs


Local darling brand Inclán rivaled the seasoned PR pro’s who flew in from NYC. We loved the modern and sporty siloutes, silky material and neautral palate that was very on trend.

LINDSAY CREEL of Project Ruway

A very cool, casual collection that had Austin vibes all over it! Totally made us long to go wine tasting in the hill country!

HELEN CASTILLO of Project Runway

Chic, lady-like with a edge, Helen Castillo delvered pieces we wanted to take home that night! We loved the powder blue pant-suit with black bra combo!



wearing local designer Inclan Fall 2016 photo by Edward Lai

Runway Houston was founded in 2011 in an effort to give emerging local designers and artists a platform to unveil their work to a large and diverse demographic. Entering its 5th year and expanding to twice a year the production has started including designers from around the country to present a fresh take on a fashion show presentation.