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Beauty Report: Davines Love Line

Beauty Report: Davines Love Line

Every time we shower we have the option of washing our hair with another lackluster shampoo and conditioner combo or we can invest in products that will truly transform our hair. If you’re one of the ladies who cares about her hair and wants to make it shine to its fullest, look no further than the Davines Love line.

The Davines Love Line Won’t Disappoint

Davines Love line

Photo courtesy of TheBlushBar.Co

As their bestselling duo, this award-winning line is known for controlling coarse or frizzy hair with all natural ingredients geared towards improving the texture of your luscious locks. Designed to transform your hair from the inside out, this duo isn’t just another mask to make your hair appear healthier, it actually nourishes strands to their core.

The Davines Love Shampoo is made with Minuta Olive from Sicily  that is rich in fatty acids and vitamins which creates an elasticising and softening action. Paired with the Phenethyl Benzoate, your hair will be introduced to the strong shining effect that earned ooh’s and ahh’s worldwide.

After using the shampoo, follow it up with the Davines Love Conditioner. Unlike traditional conditioners where you simply rub and rinse, it’s best to allow your conditioned strands to sit for a few minutes before rinsing. Made with the same Minuta Olive from Sicily and paired with Panthenol to give moisture and shine to the hair; this little jar of conditioner has the full ability to totally transform your hair.

So take our word and give this power duo a go. In as little as a dime-sized amount of product evenly massaged through wet hair, you will find the outcome to be smoother and more detangled than ever before. Just think of these products as your hair’s new best friends when it comes to naturally straightening and making the most of your unruly hair.

Happy shopping!