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What’s In Your Gym Bag? Snacks Edition

What’s In Your Gym Bag? Snacks Edition

When it comes to achieving the perfect body and overall health of your dreams, it’s important to understand that it’s not all about how much time you spend tapping it back at Soul Cycle or how many reps you do at the gym. While those things certainly play a factor, what will really take your physique and health to the next level are the nutrients that you nourish it with. That said, in a world that never stops, we’ve rounded up the best on-the-go snacks that not only taste great, but will help you reach your A-game in no time.


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The Must-Have Snacks to Stash in Your Gym Bag

Bark Thins

bark thins snacks

Photo courtesy of Bark Thins

First and foremost, we’re firm believers that while healthy eating is a priority, it’s essential to not cut out all the goodies that help make the process a bit more worthwhile. And when you find a decadent snack that will not only fill a craving but is also a healthier alternative, we’re all onboard. So, without further ado, allow us to introduce you to Bark Thins. These snacking chocolates come in a variety of flavors fit for any sweet tooth. The best part about this guilt-free goodie? It’s made with fair trade dark chocolate and non GMO-inclusions. #YesPlease

CORE Water

Core snacks

Photo courtesy of Core

While many waters tout being a pH balanced, CORE is one of the only bottles that will actually live up to the test. The super crisp, perfectly balanced H2O is the perfect addition to any snacking routine, whether it’s to get you through your reps or simply as hydration on your way home from your workout.

Dirty Lemon

Photo courtesy of Dirty Lemon

Photo courtesy of Dirty Lemon

Sure, drinking charcoal might have never crossed your mind but as soon as you peep the perks of this handy little detox, you’ll never want to put it down. Made with filtered water, cold press lemon, dandelion root, ginger root and activated charcoal, this detox is known for helping the body to be able to calm the stomach, support liver and kidney function and trap impurities before they can be absorbed into the body. Now that’s something we can namaste to.

Drink Maple

maple-water snacks

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If you’re looking to curb your sweet tooth while getting crazy hydration, look no further than pure maple water. Collected from Vermont maple trees every spring, maple water is all natural and jam packed with nutrients, not to mention just enough of a maple flavor to satisfy that sugar craving you find yourself having daily.

GoGo squeeZ

go-go-squeez snacks

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Ready for your mind to be blown? Despite the super fun packaging and advertisements geared towards kids, these fruit packs are the perfect addition to adult snacking as well. 100% natural and 100% delish.

Muscle Milk

muscle-milk snacks

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Looking to be better than your best? Muscle Milk is here to help you achieve new heights. Loaded with all the nutrients that an active lifestyle demands, Muscle Milk to-go bottles are a fabulous option for that post-workout protein shake to make the most of your gains.

Perfect Bar

perfect-bar snacks

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So often bars have a reputation of being super low-cal and not so tasty. What if we told you your taste buds could rejoice? These super dense bars are packed with 100% organic nut butters, complex carbohydrates, protein, super foods and non-gmo ingredients making for the most perfect bar you’ve ever thrown into your gym bag. Since these bars aren’t low cal but loaded with nutrients your body craves and needs, these are the perfect alternative to time spent prepping a meal. So say goodbye to your tupperware and hello to your new favorite breakfast, lunch or mid-day snack.


suja snacks

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The organic and cold-pressed juices at suja offer an array of options from drinking on their own or as part of a cleanse. Loaded with nutrients and killer taste, these juices make a healthy diet easier than ever.

Happy snacking!