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Men’s Athleisure: The Trend That’s Taking Over

Men’s Athleisure: The Trend That’s Taking Over

In a world where fashion is the new tongue to communicate in and gender is getting so elusive and liquid that you can almost feel it dripping all over your hot body with no intent of sticking around to outline any firm boundary. It’s absolutely expected that we are all getting overwhelmingly caught up in the idea of fashion as a mediator for all that’s unclear, a new blissful religion (if you will) which fasting months reduce to chewing on mesh tops and spitting out leather loafers.

Let us all drop to our knees in a hopeful prayer fashion remains the only language we all speak fluently!

F² for all you can imagine

These days if you want to speak fashion, you need to speak fitness, too. The trend that shocked and amazed everyone was the sudden merge of two most powerful and influential spheres in the world — fashion and fitness. Apparently, the two started drawing inspiration from one another to amalgamate into a project that would take all other fashion trends down from the pedestal.  

And the way it came about? Just like all good things out there — this one too was a product of sudden and unexpected circumstance.

With the health and fitness wave we’ve been all riding (well, the majority of us at least), the need to stay comfortable even after your workout suppressed the need to look good in a particular shoe, skirt or pant. Simultaneously, both women and men started combining their luxe materials with their gym outfits (there’s just not enough time in a day to run and change). At first, it all looked very sloppy and disturbing. Tim Gunn would’ve probably been dismayed had he witnessed the first unsuccessful attempts of joining comfortable and fashionable into one outfit. But then, the creative minds of the design world came to rescue – they’ve put their heads together to accept the idea of fitness becoming the new it choice.

Gym-wear turned into a walking piece of fashion art… who knew!

Slimming cuts, flattering colors, uneven and surprising cutouts, unusual designs and plenty of style and fabric clashes combined into a panache we now refer to as athleisure wear is all men are going collectively crazy about.


Let them dominate

With athleisure wear on the prompt rise, fitness clothes that can double as your business suit are (almost) a true representation of the life these men lead – fast, uncompromisingly feisty, beautiful and dashing.

Once eager gym boys are now rapidly turning athletic men, and it’s not even real how amazing these lads are looking. With their David muscles lined out and clothes that’s emphasizing all the good parts of that sculpted physique, it is safe to say these men are killing it. From lifting weights, doing yoga, channeling their Krav Maga masters or trying out a Muhammad Ali for size, the men are definitely breaking a sweat but are, somehow, managing to give us goosebumps each time. Make no mistake, we’re still loving the androgyny of fashion strutting around, but we have to admit we’re currently more enthused worshiping the male shape. Thank you athleisure wear for making this happen, thank you.

Fashions that slay

If you thought for a second athleisure wear would stop at gray tights and comfy shirts, you were wrong. Judging by the trends emerging at Milan menswear fashion week (spring/summer 2017), it’s evident that sportswear continues to dominate the male fashion landscape.

Neon piping, rain pants combining informal and outdoorsy cheerful approach to menswear and lightweight parkas were a very nice surprise from Prada. Philipp Plein flabbergasted with a blend of tailored leather shorts and sharp blazers with all-American basketball attire, while Moncler went boyish, channeling an adventurous, outdoorsy theme with its boy scout-outwear.

Reflective accessorize have been out in force, as well. Launched by Brilliant Reflective whose boisterous visions included enthusiastic athleisur wear accessorize celebrating and communicating the importance of being seen at night, the reflective will definitely stick.

Silk shirts reborn as a zip-up blousons, ultra-light long parkas of near transparent nylon and silk knitwear tied round the waist were Versace’s version of athleisure wear for a dreamy result. Like we had little excitement so far!

Bye-bye fat

For all fitness enthusiasts, athleisure wear made the whole spending-hours-at-the-gym process way more appealing. With so much effort invested, so many meals skipped and oh-so-many weights lifted, reshaping your body has become more a matter of dignity than anything else. Throwing athleisure wear into the mix – we’ve upgraded the gym experience to the level of style, and we’re fans!