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Boys of Summer: Alex Sewall

Boys of Summer: Alex Sewall

Alex Sewall, as seen modeling next to NFL player Rob Gronkowski in GQ and alongside supermodel Karlie Kloss for Versace is a force to be reckoned with. 3 years ago, 26-year old model made the decision to sign with Ford in Chicago. Since then he has expanded out to New York City and Los Angeles as well as Front Management in Miami and Kult in Germany. Not only was he featured in our summer issue, modeling for our men’s fashion story, but he can also be seen in the Ralph Lauren Tender Romance advertisement in Vogue’s May issue. Sewall sits down with LAPALME Magazine to discuss his major successes, dieting tips and what he does when he is not modeling.

Lauren Jeworski: What did it feel like to open up Taylor Swift’s Vogue Issue and see yourself in the magazine?

Alex Sewall: It was amazing to open the issue, especially with someone like her on the cover, and see myself in the magazine. My family gets a kick out of it, seeing me in the magazines that they read regularly.


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LJ: What’s your must-have grooming/hair/skin care product of the moment?

AS: My must have product right now is this new hair wax called Uppercut Featherweight. I actually was getting my haircut in NYC and the barber recommended the product and I loved it!

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LJ: Where’s the craziest place you had a photoshoot?

AS: The craziest place I’ve had a photoshoot would probably be where we shot the Ralph Lauren Tender Romance campaign. It was in Connecticut, I don’t know the exact location but it was so beautiful and amazing. There was a huge, old, beautiful barn, cool forests/creeks, and an amazing landscape with a rope swing on this huge hill.


LJ: When you get a break from modeling, what do you like to do?

AS: When I’m not modeling I like to work out, hang with friends, listen to music, and write songs/poetry.

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LJ: Karlie Kloss or Rob Gronkowski?

AS: I’d have to go with Gronk! Karlie is such a nice, beautiful girl, but Gronk is the epitome of a guy’s guy. He’s really down to earth and such a huge personality.


LJ: Food you can’t get enough of?

AS: My kryptonite when it comes to food is probably pizza and donuts. Living in Chicago doesn’t help that at all, because there are numerous great options for both to pick from!

LJ: Favorite way to stay in shape?

AS: My favorite way to stay in shape is good old fashioned lifting weights. I’ve always loved lifting since I was younger, but in order to try to maintain a more lean physique for modeling I incorporate a lot of cardio also.

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LJ: Instagram or Snapchat?

AS: I prefer instagram over snapchat. My instagram is @alex_sewall

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