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Plump Pout Goals Achieved

Plump Pout Goals Achieved

Achieving  a plump pout à la Kylie Jenner is darn near impossible without the help of syringes or surgeons. However, we just tried WUNDERKISS! (the brand responsible for hero product, WUNDERBROW, which took the internet by storm) and we are closer to our K. Jen pout goals in a mere 15 minutes of application. 

WUNDERKISS! is a lip gloss that comes a customizable, two-step lip plumping gloss + booster unlike anything else on the market.

Step one: “Inject” a controlled dosage (low, medium, or high) of the highly concentrated Plumping Booster into the provided gloss.

Step two: Move the gloss wand up and down for 20 seconds, apply, and enjoy a more voluminous, kissable pout!

They say you start seeing results in 2 minutes, but after 30 is really when you see a difference.

Even youtuber beauty sensation Jeanett is a fan: 


Through the utilization of its proprietary “DERMAPORTING” technology, the innovative WUNDERKISS is clinically-proven to build volume and moisture by delivering a complex of collagen and hyaluronic acid into the surface of lips—for a fuller pout that will last up 24+ hours!

Ordering by the dozens over here… get yours at Wunderkiss.com