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5 Reasons to Renovate Your Yoga Routine

5 Reasons to Renovate Your Yoga Routine

Uninspired spa music, floors sticking with sweat and monotone instructors urging you to get your chakras in check—sound like a day at yoga? Let’s be honest, not everyone can get in-tune with the 5,000-year-old practice. When you remove air conditioning and factor in a studio filled with sweltering bodies, you can’t blame everyone for not getting their asana on. That’s why Sunshine Daidone, owner of POE Yoga, saw an opportunity to make the practice of hot yoga safe, sanitary and celebratory.

Daidone, the epitome of Type-A, made the decision to start POE Yoga when she couldn’t find a studio to meet her own standards. The New Jersey-based luxury studio boasts high-tech heating systems and A-list clientele to match. Its proprietary blend of far infrared heat combined with the perfect level of humidity and purified air. Daidone dished on why POE Yoga’s methodology is getting the attention of yogis across the country

1. There’s Passion Behind the Process

A runner at heart, Daidone started yoga to improve her physical fitness during her free time while her youngest child went off to school. She tried nearly every hot yoga studio in town but was disappointed with her findings. “I couldn’t find anything that was clean and nice. Nothing was up to my standards and what I thought should be out there,” Daidone says.

2. Far Infrared=Far Healthier

Far-infrared radiant heat may sound scary, but don’t let the loaded language fool you—it’s healthy and even healing. Different from the harsh ultraviolet light we’re exposed to in the sun, infrared light is part of the sun’s invisible spectrum and is claimed to aid pain management, skin purification, detoxification, and stress reduction.

“We took it a little further and matched it with an air purification system and humidification system. There’s no steam and the air isn’t thick or heavy,” she says.

According to Daidone, it’s important to find a gym that’s not just practicing safe heating but cleanliness. Her studios are cleaned between each and every class.

3. People Are Drinking the Kool-Aid—Or Fresh Pressed Juice

POE stands for Peace On Earth, so community without a doubt plays into Daidone’s overall vision for her gym. The environment offers a chic, harmonious ambiance with added perks like reverse osmosis water and fresh juices.

“People were blown away by the quality of the environment, feeling the heat, and feeling of being cleansed. From top to bottom, it was a unique experience for the whole community,” Daidone reminisces about the opening. Aside from those in the Tri-state area, POE Yoga has attracted celebrity attention from the likes of wellness goddess Gwenyth Paltrow, who has attended private sessions.

Poe Yoga Studio - Lapalme

4. Say Goodbye to Dull Tranquil Tunes

You could say POE Yoga’s approach to music is…different. You won’t hear the sounds of the ocean or a serene rainforest when taking a class at POE. The playlist includes upbeat pop, hip-hop, rap—all loud, all unexpected.

“We have people who come in expecting yoga music and we haven’t had one complaint—our clients love it,” Daidone exclaims, “the retention of our first-time visitors is incredible.” POE Yoga strives to crush monotonous melodies.

5. It’s Ideal for All Athletes

“Athletes want to do yoga and see the benefits of it but they also want the workout. The different stretches enable them to excel at their chosen sport,” Daidone says. Runners, golfers, tennis players and football players are just a few of the types of athletes POE Yoga has improved over time.

No amount of weight-lifting will give you the strength that consistently holding up your own body weight will.  Strength, stamina, endurance, core, stability—there are a ridiculous amount of benefits that come from the tried and true poses.

POE Yoga has expanded from its namesake and also offers challenging cycling, boxing and barre classes. Get your downward dog ready for a detoxifying and determined workout. If you’re not in the New Jersey area, don’t fret. We have high hopes for an upcoming expansion and online product line.

To learn more about the POE revolution or sign up, visit poeyoga.com.

Jillian Goltzman