Recording artist Kristine Elezaj, who Billboard magazine called a cross between Britney Spears and Rihanna, was discovered by the legendary Ashford & Simpson while performing at the Sugar Bar in New York City. As the follow-up to her Billboard Top 100 hit “Let You Know, the blonde bombshell is bringing new depth to her undeniably sexy and hypnotic breed of pop music. For her forthcoming body of work, Elezaj has chosen to take charge and gives listeners a piece of who she really is with a mixture of powerful, soulful, urban- and world-influenced pop anthems. “I’m not afraid to be myself through my music and take risks,” states Elezaj. “These songs have become a purge of the deepest parts of my heart and are truly me at this moment in the skin of the woman I’m continuing to grow into.”

LAPALME Magazine reporter, Jillian Goltzman, sat down with Elezaj to talk about her artistic process, career aspirations, and style.

What’s a day in your life look like?

These days it’s been hectic and I can’t complain. Each day is different; I’m juggling a lot since I’ve taken control of all aspects of my career and trying to continue to grow my company. Some days are all business and meetings since the latest project is done. It’s all about creating the visuals and bringing the songs even more to life. I’ve been working on the getting the next couple of music videos done and preparing some live events towards the end of March. At some point during the day I always make sure to take time to fit in some sort of workout to help try and relax my mind as much as possible.

What’s been the most surreal moment of your career so far?

I’ve attended the Grammys twice and that was definitely an incredible feeling being there and walking the carpet among some of the greatest in my industry. On the creative side, it’s surreal how far my fan base extends to and in places I’ve yet to visit. There are master dance classes in different countries teaching routines to my music. Seeing how they embrace what I’ve created will always continue to be surreal for me.

It’s been announced that you co-wrote your new album from start to finish. What influences you in your writing and in the studio?

The album is actually finished and yes I did co-write every track and was involved in the process from the moment the first sound was picked for inspiration. It was important to me to make music that I enjoyed and stood behind creatively 100%. I listened to my heart when it came to every piece of the creative process and had such a great executive producer Blair Taylor and collaborator Kloe Shinn to confide in and trust.

Life in general influences me. I’m just passionately curious about everything and always trying to keep myself in a space of learning. I’ll write about things I’ve done and are going through after I’ve made sense of them mentally for myself or things that have moved me that other people have exposed me to.

What musician would you love to collaborate?

That’s always a hard question because there literally are so many. I always want to work with people I look up to and feel I can learn from. I would love to do a song with Janet Jackson because she is the reason I feel in love with performing and dance. From a writing/style point of view, I love The Weeknd. I want to take risks with my writing instead of worrying about being commercial first.

What can your fans expect from your next album?

They can expect the darker side of my personality. My music has gotten more moody. It’s less straight in-your-face, squeaky clean pop. This is the real me and the music I want to be doing, and it’s only the beginning. I’m talking about things that are really personal to me and just trying to be as free as possible. Hopefully that inspires.

What’s the one item in your closet that you can’t live without and why? 

That’s so hard for me because I love fashion so much, but maybe my leather jackets. You can dress them up or down and they are so versatile for some many different looks.

For more information on Kristine, please visit: www.kristineelezaj.com.

Pop Artist: Kristine Elezaj http://kristineelezaj.com/
Photographer: Sasha Samsonova
Hair: Jonathan Colombini http://www.jonathancolombinihair.com/about.html
Makeup: Jose Corella http://www.josecorellamakeup.com
Stylist: Marina Toybina @marinatoybina
Black Skirt Designer: Marina Toybina

Jillian Goltzman