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How to Wear a Suit, LIKE A BOSS

How to Wear a Suit, LIKE A BOSS

Even an expensive suit can look cheap if it isn’t tailored well. No pressure guys but the one thing you thought you had down pat [the suit] is actually a lot more complicated that you thought. Unfortunately you can’t just buy your size off the rack and expect that to be the end of your investment. A good suit is an investment, it represents your character, style and how you want to be perceived in the world, but you already knew that. They say the road to success starts with a sleek suit (and ends with a watch) so we’ve checked off some of the most important factors you need to know when buying, tailoring and wearing your next power suit.

Fit: (it’s ALL about the fit)

✓A suit jacket should come down to the first knuckle on your thumb. Many people are cutting short jackets. Shorter jackets make men look too heavy in the middle.

✓ When your jacket is buttoned, you should be able to fit a fist between your chest and the fabric—no more, no less.

✓ Your jacket sleeves should reveal about half an inch of shirt cuff. If they don’t, try a short size instead—you could save yourself a trip to the tailor later on.

✓ Your pants should sit at your waist (not your hips). You should be able to fit one finger into the waistband comfortably.



✓Always unfasten your jacket buttons when you sit. No exceptions.

✓Never fasten the bottom button of a double-breasted jacket (unless it has only a single row of buttons).

✓Avoid over-accessorizing. If you’re already wearing a pocket square and a tie bar, leave the lapel pin.

✓When you go without a tie, it’s best to keep your shirt collar on the smaller side.

 Suit MUST Haves:
No suit wardrobe is complete without these two suits and suit complementing items to ensure you look and feel like a BOSS.