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Meditation and Finding Your Most Authentic Self in 2022 with Jeff Bomberger

Meditation and Finding Your Most Authentic Self in 2022 with Jeff Bomberger

By the age of seven, Jeff Bomberger had already decided to change the course of his life when he quit his career as a child actor. What has ensued ever since has been a varied career path and life, with stints as a Certified Personal Trainer, Filmmaker, Political Advisor, and now, an Author, Meditation Coach, and Intuitive Guide. His second book, Be Still and Listen, was released on February 2, and it focuses on teaching everyone how we can all use meditation to live our most creative and authentic lives. After the past few years, this sounds like something we could all use. Continue reading below for our insightful interview with the author and spiritual guide, and yes- some meditation tips: 

You are an author, meditation coach, and intuitive guide. We’re intrigued! Please tell us more about your work, and mission. 

At its core, my mission is to help people live more creative, authentic, and spiritually inspired lives. There are a few aspects of the work: On one hand, I will drop into meditation and then intuitively channel spiritual guidance for others on their behalf. 

On the other, a large part of my work is teaching others how to use meditation as a pathway to awaken to their own intuitive power within. By teaching people about their intuition, what it is, and how it works, I get to support them on their journey to finding the clarity, creativity, and strength that all exists inside of them.

What led you to this work? 

How much time do we have? It’s been a long and interesting road! My dad and I got psychic readings when I was 12 years old and that was my first introduction to the world of metaphysics. I began meditating as a teenager and what I found in stillness was that I could ask questions and get clear and supportive answers from what I call loving awareness. As I grew older, I used this practice to help me navigate my life path. No, I didn’t always listen, and no, it wasn’t always pretty! 

But I’ve had a lot of life experiences and have worn a lot of different hats. I’ve worked in the fitness industry, in politics, and in front of and behind the camera in various capacities. At the end of the day, my meditation practice was my personal anchor through it all, and as it turns out, having those experiences exposed me to a lot of life and different people. Those broad experiences really prepared me for this work, and they’ve helped me connect with all types of folks. In 2017, I answered the call to start sharing my spiritual practice with others, and well, here we are now!You wrote your first book Awakening Soul Force in 2019, which was #1 on the Amazon Best Sellers list. What was that experience like, and how has it differed from writing your new second book? 

Writing Awakening Soul Force was like spilling my heart and soul onto a platter. It was an incredibly vulnerable process. The book is one-part spiritual exercises and tools and one-part personal stories about how those tools were helpful for me in my life. So, when that book was published, I realized there was no turning back. I was “out” as spiritual and intuitive and it was kind of terrifying because I was unsure of how people would respond to that. But to hear that the book resonates with others and that they find it supportive, means the world to me.

This second book has been a lot different because I’ve grown beyond the fear and discomfort around being seen so publicly. Also, Be Still and Listen also came about in an organic way. The process of writing the book was a lot like the process I share in its contents. The inspiration and chapters came in waves over a two-year period with a lot of purpose and intention, slowly, but surely and subtly. I started channeling the first paragraphs of the book in late January 2020. Little did I know Be Still and Listen was not going to just be the title of the new book, but it was going to be my spiritual theme throughout the two years of living through a global pandemic.

You chose to release your second book, Be Still and Listen, on February 2, 2022. What’s the importance of this date, 2/2/22? 

Both my grandfathers, who have since passed, were born on 2/2, so it holds extra special meaning to me in a personal sense. But there’s also significance in a metaphysical way. 

While I am not a numerologist by trade, the 2 in numerology generally carries a vibration of love, harmony, balance, communication, and cooperation. 2 is also a very sensitive and intuitive number. Be Still and Listen was written to help us learn how we can use meditation to unlock our intuitive connection to the subtle energy always being exchanged within and around us. 

If we can use our intuition to discover what is loving, what is balanced and in harmony with us, we can then bring about more love, more balance, and more harmony in our world. So, for me, there was just alignment between the numbers in the date and the essence of what I hope to share.

Tell us more about the importance of meditation. How can someone that’s new to it start? Any tips? 

We live in a fast-paced, noisy world, and sometimes it is easy to lose ourselves in someone else’s version of reality. By getting still in meditation we give our hearts, our minds, and our bodies a chance to align what is true for us. With meditation, we can become more self-aware and more mindful. That is super valuable! If we take it a step further, like I teach, we can unlock inspiration, creativity, and strength deep inside each of us that maybe needs to be witnessed or expressed. And in my experience, making those discoveries and expressing them can be really powerful!

For anyone that is looking to begin a practice I’d say start small, manageable, and practical. Begin by setting aside two minutes, five minutes, ten minutes to just sit and breathe, focus on your breath and your heartbeat. Just slow down and connect with yourself. Give yourself that little bit of loving attention. Everyone has breath. Everyone has a heartbeat. Just taking a few minutes to be aware of our essential life-giving forces can make a big difference in our day!

After the challenging few years, we all as a society have had, what are some tools we can use to slow down and restore some calm in our lives? 

I’d be a lousy meditation guide if I didn’t advocate for taking up a meditation practice! If you couldn’t tell, meditation is a gift that keeps on giving to me and I love sharing it with others. I’d suggest starting with that simple conscious breathing or heartbeat meditation and see if you feel the difference in just a few mindful minutes a day.

I also would encourage people to find time to get outside and be with nature if you can. Practice “earthing”, which is intentionally putting your bare feet on the ground, on the grass or in the sand. Connecting with nature can help relieve some of the static of living busy, modern lives and it helps us become more sensitive to our natural environment — which has a whole subtle and patient vibe of its own. 

Finally, a big thing that comes through in guidance for people is finding a creative expression that feels joyful, natural, and effortless. You don’t have to be Picasso to paint. You don’t have to be Mozart to play music. Creative expression can be a form of meditation and it’s a great way to release energy and emotions that might otherwise consume our thoughts and feelings. Paint, write, dance, sing, make music! A lot of stress, anxiety and frustration come from things not expressed. Practicing art for the sake of expression itself can move some of that energy and help us feel more balanced!

What are some personal lessons and experiences that you have learned during this time (COVID/2020-2021)?

I’ve learned where we fight the hardest to have control is where our biggest lessons are. Sometimes the most loving thing to do is to simply let go, and surrender day to day, moment to moment. I’ve learned a lot about grace and compassion because we’re all going through an intense time and it’s easy to lose sight of that. I’ve also learned it’s ok and important to sit and be with discomfort. We don’t need to run from it. It’s healthy to lean into it, reflect and see where we can grow without necessarily trying to fix anything. Just be aware.

I think the other thing I’ve always felt, but it just became so obvious during this pandemic is how connected everyone and everything is. I literally experience it in my work, because sometimes I do see, hear, sense and feel what other people see, hear, sense, and feel. It’s both enlightening and incredibly humbling to have some awareness, even if it is vague, of how someone else perceives the world.

What we say, what we do, how we do it matters — not just to us, but to the people closest to us, and even the world. Whether we like it or not, we’re here doing life on this planet together so we’re going to have to figure it out and cooperate with and respect each other. Since we can’t change all the external circumstances, we must turn inward to what we can control, and that’s our own state of being.

It’s our responsibility to be loving, creative, and authentic with ourselves and the world. No one can do that work for us. And I think if we commit to empowering ourselves in that honest way with all our heart, we might be surprised how quickly life shifts inside and around us.

How can readers follow along on your journey? Purchase your books and learn more about your workshops?  

Following me @thebomberger on Instagram would be the best way to stay connected day today. Every week I post a general “Weekly Guidance” video to Instagram and on YouTube, so everyone has access to what I love to share.

My books Awakening Soul Force and Be Still and Listen are both available on Amazon. You can also stream the Awakening Soul Force Vol. I & II custom meditation tracks were created to support these teachings and practices on Apple Music, Google Play, Spotify, and Amazon Music.

Thus far, I’ll be in ten different cities in 2022 doing workshops and live readings and you can keep up with that journey as it evolves by following me on social or visiting www.thesoulforce.com

I hope to connect with you all in the future!