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Bella Dose – The next big girl group

Bella Dose – The next big girl group

When you think about all the girl groups that have graced our pop culture memories, there have been so many from The Supremes, Spice Girls, Destiny’s Child, and so many more, but the world has never seen the first bilingual Latin girl group Bella Dose who is coming to create a new lane in music with their sound, fiery lyrics, and crisp dance moves.

Bella Dose members utilize their range and unmatched work ethic to deliver unforgettable hooks and melodies. Brianna LeahMelany RiveraThais Rodriguez and Jennifer Hernandez are ready to share their charisma, chemistry, and passion for music with the Latin music world with their various cultural flavors from Cuba, Honduras, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Colombia, and Chile.

“I can say we’re extremely privileged and honored to be the world’s first-ever bilingual, Latina girl group. We love how we’re able to be a voice and represent all the beautiful women in the world while showing that we are powerful Latinas,” Thais said. 

Bella Dose was born out of goals and pure intentions to become a memorable girl group.

 “Bella Dose started when Vicky Curiel, the CEO  and creator of the group decided to form the world’s first Latin bilingual girl group. She held auditions across the US and found us all in Miami. From there, she flew us out to LA and we went through a training program to learn guitar, piano, music theory and we even learned how to engineer our own sessions. Vicky wanted us to be hands-on with our craft so she made sure we knew everything there was to know about music. We then started writing our own songs together and it is now what you hear from us today,” Jenni said. 

And what we hear today are the flavor and upbeat songs that have created an entire fanbase of support that has taken a lot of work to build with various creative directions. 

“After we finish writing a song, we all sing through the whole song, and we all make a collective decision on who we think fits best on each part! We may also choose who sings what while we are writing the song as well if we feel it’s a part that fits a specific girl very well,” Melany said

The group has been able to figure out the recipe of what it takes to create a cohesive and flowing song. Melany describes her element as a soft vibe with a hint of grunge. While Brianna and Thais bring that sassy and sensual essence and Jenni adds that street style flare that ties in the full aura of Bella Dose. 

Their debut EP “Suelta,” showcases the energy of Bella Dose and what space they are in creatively. 

“In this EP, we wanted to show how versatile we are. Instead of sticking to one genre in this first project, we showed how we can do any genre we want. We made songs based on the vibes we were in and we ended up having genres such as bachata, dembow, reggaeton, and Latin urban. We had so much fun creating it. This EP is a super feel-good project where a specific audience can relate to one song or another based on their preferences,” Thais said.

With singles such as “Luna,” featuring DaniLeigh, ‘Muevelo’ featuring Brandon Bill$, “Largate,” and now “She,” there are so many different layers that fans are able to see from Bella Dose. 

“We have a lot of new music and different vibes coming up. You will definitely be surprised by what’s coming next,” Brianna said. 

With a bright future ahead of them and a total of 750 million views across Tik Tok, this girl group is showing that they are on the path of building a legendary career.