Hollywood Beauty Guru’s favorite new favorite at home product!

Well Covid19 may still be coming and going and masks are back but there is no reason to forfeit your skin care routine just yet.

Besides I think skincare junkie’s have had enough drama for one year. Take it from me! Estheticians and spa’s world wide had to close their doors, skin care suppliers had to shut down their shipping departments, retailers unable to get their products to consumers, People flocking to the shelves to stock up as their favorite items go scarce only to be followed by breakouts of “maskcne “, n95 burn and dry cracked hands from sanitizers.

It has been dramatic for-sure but there is hope! Out of response to this pandemic craze I have discovered one of my favorite new at home treatments!

Jessica Cooley a busy Esthetician from Prosperity, South Carolina wanted a way to help her clients keep their skin rejuvenated during the pandemic without something damaging such as dermal rollers. “ I wanted to be able to help my clients achieve results with out me safely. This was about empowering them and making sure they got results even when I couldn’t do it! says Cooley. It didn’t take Jessica long to find the right partners and put together the Skin Wand Pro.

Skin Wand Pro is so useful I had to invent a new word to describe it. “Nanobrasion” The tip is much more gentle than a professional microdermabrasion device and very sleek. This slim pen like device has a mini microdermabrasion tip that not only exfoliates away dead skin but helps with product penetration. The wand comes with 2 nano tips and a USB charging dock and case. Skin Wand Pro can be used with your current skin care routine but also provides a Brightening serum that is loaded with vitamin C along with a Hyaluronic acid to drive in moisture!

Whether you see an esthetician regularly or not this is the perfect way to keep your complexion bright! I like to go over my brown spots regularly with their Brightening serum as well as wand over my lips to remove dead skin before my lipstick. This would be a great tool more any makeup artist to prime skin or lips or for an esthetician to target small areas on their clients. Skin Wand Pro can also be used with your favorite cleanser to achieve a deep clean which would be beneficial for oily or acne prone skin. Speaking as a professional esthetician I can see how this would be very helpful for those with oily skin to use at home weekly.

Bright skin is now at the stroke of your wand. Skin Wand Pro “Nanobrasion” at home treatments! Get your hands on this magic at skinwandpro.com

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