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Cocoon Presents “Reflections”

Cocoon Presents “Reflections”

The Metamorphosis of Sexy NYC Theatre

What is sexier than a man supporting an empowered woman, well, someone who champions his or her partner to produce a new show! Having begun their own love affair by an introduction from the NYC dinner theater ‘Duane Park’, Inka Nevala and Daniel’s relationship has blossomed in this cocoon that we have all found ourselves in and there is a poetic quality of bringing their love back to Duane Park, to host this piece that reflects their passions, turn-ons, pleasures and their desire to include others to witness their world.  

Inka Nevala is a Finnish stunning performance artist, living in New York. She is a world renowned Multi-Faceted Performer, who has performed, written and directed, shows in New York, London and The European Continent. Not one to miss a creative opportunity, this chanteuse busied herself with an autobiographical storyline during the lockdown and invited her world-class colleagues to combine their talents into an erotic troupe to take their audience out of their own lockdown of their senses. 

Daniel D’Ottavio is a California native international photographer and world-class model living in New York. He has been shot as a model for and shot as a photographer for Italian Vogue, Lapalme, Balmain, GQ and collaborated successfully with Ralph Lauren on a series of Coffee Table Books. 

Together they produced a delight for the senses, opening with the charismatic storyteller will guide you into a ceremonious yet suspenseful journey of erotic fetish stories. While both elegant & daring, this theatrical culinary experience will find audiences enjoying a savory four-course fare throughout the length of the story. Duane Park’s sophisticated pied-a-terre will create a cocoon where you as the audience member can feel serene, while being exposed to different fetishes often viewed as taboo. Our goal is to harness all of the senses, transporting you to a most unforgettable escape. 

“Our show is first of all a theatrical experience, but I hope it will subconsciously open up people’s minds and encourage them to explore more. Maybe this is their first step to fetish world. It’s a show not only for couples, it is for anyone curious to enjoy!” Inka 

For more information on this exclusive NYC, theatrical, euphoric, culinary, and alluring world, 

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