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We are in the most trying year of our lives and so many have struggled. But many have learned how to pivot into the next steps in business. One of these bright young entrepreneurs is William Carbajal who is a 30 year old from Seattle who had a moderately successful flooring business with Home Depot before The pandemic and then with everyone and home in lockdown, looking for things to do all started to work on their homes, which made Carbajal’s business take off. He says, “I have learned so much during the pandemic. So many I knew were not as lucky as I was to have a business that flourished. But that made me want to diversify and launch Horus 4 Men”. Carbajal sat down with LAPALME Magazine and explains his inspiration for the relaunch of his brand and where he wants to go from here. 

You have a successful flooring business with Home Depot, what would make you wanna become a designer?

It was always my dream. I’ve tried to do this once before, but the time just wasn’t right. I originally started Horus as a hobby fueled by my passion for stylish, comfortable and affordable underwear. Around the same time, my flooring business really started to take off, and simply demanded more of my attention. Horus took a back seat of sorts as a result.  

How did you transition during Covid?

I wouldn’t call it a “transition,” it was more of a “shift” or a “re-evaluation of priorities.” Everywhere you turn, COVID has affected businesses in one way or another. My business has done very well during the pandemic, but I wanted to take this time to diversify because you never know what’s going to happen. I really started thinking about what I wanted from my life. How I’m already an entrepreneur but I want to build out more things, which comes back to comfort and lifestyle; and what my life is like, and what’s going to enhance it. Now, I’m able to start this brand again knowing how I want to expand it and become the entrepreneur I always wanted to be.

This summer you had a near-tragic accident? What happened?

I was celebrating my birthday in Cancun and had an accidental slip and fall that resulted in a shattered back and a brief stint in a coma. The doctor ordered me to stay home and my business could pretty much run itself at this point. Ironically, that gave me ample time to refocus on Horus and achieving new business goals. 

With all of the underwear and brands on the market why did you want to do Horus?

I’ve always been interested in the different designs, cuts, and styles of underwear but it always seemed like the cuts, designs, and styles from the brands I wanted were overpriced. Sometimes, it seems like they were marketed to a specific kind of guy! With that in mind, I wanted to create something that is comfortable and affordable; that looks stylish but every guy could buy. 

What makes it different?

I think I found the perfect blend of comfort, function, style, and affordability. I wanted them to look great and be functional and not necessarily high trend. Style and comfort should never break the bank. 

Where do you want to take the brand??

Eventually, I’ll like to take Horus beyond simply underwear. We’re starting with the underwear because that’s what I’ve done before. We have a high-rise trunk, and no-show brief, in black, white, and charcoal grey; with a classic black waistband and a more contemporary silver band options on the way. Also, we’re going to expand more into swimwear and outerwear as well as tank top and hats throughout 2021.

Model: Derek Pratt @derektpratt