Nic Tailor is a new custom men’s underwear brand, (customizable online), that is changing the game of the undergarment industry by setting a philanthropic standard. 

The brand was founded by North Carolina natives Cal Mosack and Nolan Mills, along with Audie Cooper, a former member of the design team for the likes of Ralph Lauren, taking the lead on the creative.   The trio sought out to create underwear for men made from high-quality fabric, that was uniquely fit to their measurements, alleviating any discomfort or the need to adjust due to movement.  In September of last year, Nic Tailor partnered with the Prostate Cancer Foundation and Actor Peter Facinelli, for a campaign to raise awareness for prostate cancer.  Images of the actor went viral, making headlines as he stripped down to nothing but a pair of Nic Tailors for the campaign; one that hits particularly close to home for the actor, and a cause he is passionate about spreading awareness for.  Nic Tailor’s efforts to raise awareness continues, with a portion of their sales being directly donated to the prostate cancer foundation. 

Audie Cooper

They also just introduced the Dry Fly Brief for men who have battled prostate cancer or struggle with incontinence. The garment looks just like the regular boxer brief, and it has 2 additional plys of moisture trapping fabric in the front panel and 1 additional ply in the gusset. The fabric against the body is their micro modal supima jersey to keep the body dry.

All the fabrics have a very soft hand and fit the body well. The inner plys of fabric use the COOL ME QUICK™  technology to attract and hold moisture. The made in USA fabric is antimicrobial with permanent wicking action designed at the fiber level that will not go away with washing. 

The company explains its premise perfectly on its site (www.nictailor.com): “At one time or another, most guys complain about their underwear,” it states. “It never seems to fit quite right because it’s only available in S-M-L-XL sizes. What about your weight, shape, and well, other measurements? Wouldn’t it be great if there were customized underwear? Well now, we figured, with the customizing capabilities of the internet, we could create underwear that is made to your exact size and shape.” Nic Tailor, short for “tailored knickers,” takes into consideration butt size, groin size…everything that makes people different. “We felt there was a need for a true custom underwear product that was 100 percent made in the USA,” says Audie Cooper.  “If you’re going to pay for a premium pair of underwear you should not be limited to S, M, L, or XL. Our brand is especially great for the guy who sits for long periods of time, athletes, or those guys who have large buns.”  

And with prices ranging between $38 and $51, Cooper notes that customers keep coming back for more. For spring, the brand is working on a traditional boxer product versus the boxer briefs it sells now. Cooper also says he is working on developing a new fabric that will allow the brand to offer more color selection and prints.  To learn more about Nic Tailor, or to customize a pair visit www.nictailor.com .