Danica Patrick is not one to rest on her laurels. Best known for her racing prowess, you can now find Danica most days collaborating with world-renowned experts across the globe on all things wine, specifically rosé.  Her interest in wine developed while living in England as a young woman, particularly the French varietals like Chablis and Sancerre really captured her heart.

Like most things Danica devotes herself to; wine is a passion, a dream realized. She is now coming full circle to something she sought out and has cultivated an all-star team with Nechio Novak to make a world-class rosé.  No stranger to wine, Danica already owns a vineyard in Napa Valley, Somnium. A testament to Danica’s personality, Somnium means (dream in Latin) so fitting for a woman who lives life to the fullest, pushing toward her dreams. Danica is thoughtful and knew what she wanted to develop with Danica Rosé.  Danica Rosé is an invigorating and easy-to-enjoy wine made in the traditional Provençal style.

French rosé is such a versatile wine, accessible to most wine enthusiasts. This is why Danica set out to make the best possible French rosé. Provence is drenched in history and romance, all the more reason Danica set her sights on this wine region. Provence is the “spiritual home” of rosé. Danica really felt the connection there, and a sense of authenticity, a value we often discussed throughout our interview.  “My appreciation for wine and the winemaking process has grown tremendously over the past 15 years. This rosé is the type of French rosé one can enjoy drinking year-round”.  

Photo by: Will Bucquoy

Danica explains, “the intention behind the wine is to connect.” A personal connection has no expiry date, and this is what inspires Danica. Her curiosity for life and finding excellence in all she strives to execute is what makes the goals she sets an achievable reality.  I love her ability to recognize her team of experts’ value, creating her own story and certainly carving her path. Somnium was a project she tackled independently, and through this process, so much hindsight comes into play. As a vinter, there is so much to learn. That knowledge will carry her on to future success in each harvest and collaboration she continues to do. 

Danica partnered with Les Vins Margnat, a family-owned producer rooted in over hundreds of years of family winemaking traditions dating back to the French Revolution. The Margnat family’s abundance of generational knowledge in vineyard management, planting, vine cultivation, and winemaking methods of Provence makes them the obvious choice for creating the highest-quality wines.  Their relationship goes beyond wine. Both are profoundly steeped in the traditions of racing. The Margnat family sponsored their own Tour de France cycling team from 1958-1965. 

Living in the now, especially 2020, and embracing new beginnings, I asked Danica what it feels like right now with the challenges this presents.  She shared a few words of wisdom. “Listen to what is calling you.” “What is it you fear the most”? Danica says that understanding your fear is the first step in conquering it. You can learn the difference between quitting and letting go.  Recognize what is serving your soul, and knowing what works for you is the best approach to life in the here and now.  “Seek discomfort and allow yourself to be challenged.” I could not agree more. As our world changes, so must we.  Wine and food are the perfect way to re-connect with ourselves and those we care about. Danica loves to pair her rose with cold dishes, Mediterranean food, and grilled delights such as peaches. 

Danica Rosé goes beyond just the wine in the bottle. It represents the woman behind it all in such perfect fashion and detail.  Danica means “morning star,” each bottle of wine is adorned with a “morning star” at the neck.  A symbol of hope, guidance, courage, and purity of spirit, something we can all use a little of each day as we navigate this ever-changing world. I will raise a glass to that! 

For more information about Danica Rosé danicarosewine.com. You can catch Danica on her podcast “Pretty Intense” every Thursday. 

Photo by: Danica Patrick Inc.