Royse is a soul powerful singer that is bringing her country roots, and ability to rap and use her voice as a tool for her upcoming single. Royse grew up in Texas before moving to Los Angeles at the age of 18 to pursue her passion for music. She studied music production at the Los Angeles Recording Studio where she interned for many powerful writers in the industry today. She then connected with a French Producer who loved her Texas charm! Royse since then has been working independently to find her unique sound! 

This new single release everywhere today taken from her forthcoming E.P ‘The Dame’ is bringing her love for pop, urban, and country in one mix! Royse got together with her producer, and they discussed country things that they loved and out popped the single Ride The Bull.

Royse uses music to help her cope with the anxieties of the world and overcome a lot of depression. She hopes that this song can make anyone feel confident and sexy and have a better more uplifted day because they listened to Ride The bull. 
1) Your bringing that Texan attitude w an elevated worldwide vibe with your new Single ‘Ride the Bull’. Tell us what inspired the single and what you want fans and listens to take away from it?For the longest time, I always heard artists say “be yourself!” And I would always ask myself, “Who am I? How can I bring myself to art?” I am a Texas girl that loves living in LA, but I am a southern girl at heart! So I tried to incorporate the mix of me into this song! I want anyone that listens to this song to immediately feel hot and sexy no matter who you are and where you come from! And let’s have some fun and not take life too seriously! Also…I will outdrink you with the booze.

You’ve mastered the art of blending the music and visual to tell a story. How important is the visual in telling Royse’s story? Thank you! Stories are really important to me. When I am writing, I put myself into past situations and write from a real and authentic experience. For the Ride The Bull specifically, I wrote from the place of what would make me feel the hottest and confident!

You stand for body positivity and self-love? Take us on your journey to self-fulfillment and love? Why is this message so important in 2020?
I think as a society, we are given unrealistic beauty expectations, so we never actually feel happy and content. I honestly feel like life is so short, why spend it worried about something that is fleeting? Everyone is so uniquely beautiful the way that they are, and I want that to be embraced. I spent too much of my life hating myself and scared to even leave my apartment…and I finally got fed up with it, and decided that it was time to just love myself and be happy, and I wanted to be free and be free to me. I hope anyone who hears this song can feel a little bit of that freedom.

In a world filled with changes daily, how are you staying consistent and staying true to you but also pushing the line to a greater conversation in terms of unity and love?
I think one of the most important things is having a firm foundation in who you are and knowing who you are and not putting your identity into things that change on the daily. I also think it’s so important to educate yourself, challenge yourself to see new perspectives, and not jump to conclusions and not just believe the first thing you read or see. Also, when life starts getting really hard one of the best things you can do is just start showing kindness to those around you and always remember to surround yourself with good people because you become who you’re around. I also think music is a very powerful tool to unite everybody. No matter race, gender, or where you are from we can all connect to a song and dance together. More music, less hate.

As a fashionista do you see a design or a collab in your future. Who are some of your fashion idols?
My fashion idol is Ashley Graham! She looks good in anything because she rocks it with so much confidence, and that’s a goal that I aspire to be! I would love to bring on the collabs! A few of my favorite designers that I’d be ecstatic to collab with are Gucci, Christian Siriano, and Guess!

FINISH THIS SENTENCE: The remainder of 2020 looks like?
Working on a lot of material for the release of my new EP that I cannot wait to share with the world!

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