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Adeline Ziliox: Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week 2020

Adeline Ziliox: Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week 2020

The fountainhead of a river or stream; the place from which a flow of water begins. It is a person or thing which is the chief or prime cause of a specified condition, quality, emotion, etc.; a place where such a condition originates. A process by which energy or some specific component enters a system; a point or centre from which a fluid or current flows. The sources are several and can be made with different types of emotions such as joy, sadness, happiness, inspiration, life, energy, and so on. Adeline Ziliox displays her fascinating and new Spring and Summer collection with an eco-friendly approach using only French know-hows, short courses for restraining the ecological impact, and fabrics like embroideries made by hand in her French ateliers.

The ‘Source of Life’ is the origin of the new collection by Adeline Ziliox. The collection symbolizes the never-ending source inside all of us. It is an interpretation in the reality of the moment which we’re having on our planet today. Our planet that we must protect, as we take care of our inner source. The assortment of elements such as water and the ground reflect the association of the stunning fabrics, and emotional landscapes are depicted through the colorful and intricate embroideries.

The extraordinary thing about Ziliox’s collection is the beautiful structure of each fabric, stitch, and cut. Geometric shapes are a large part of the collection as they are seen to make up a large portion of the fabrics through patterns constructed and cut onto multiple pieces.

As the collection embodies a powerful source, each garment is made to be powerful and original to carry out the different components of that system. As Adeline Ziliox is known to be involved with the future of our planet and taking the environmentally friendly approach, the collection overall portrays the many elements of the earth while also illustrating the different currents that flow through our inner origin. This collection provides an exquisite look at what it really means to protect and take care of our inner source.