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Prosperous Night For PRÓSPERO Tequila

Prosperous Night For   PRÓSPERO Tequila
Prospero Tequila Product launch – hosted at the Ritz Carlton Grand Lakes

If anyone knows how to get a party started, They’d tell you a nice glass of tequila does it best. PRÓSPERO has truly cultivated a beautiful liquid. Balancing a true tequila taste, yet without the ‘burning’ sensation of tequila being digested, which happens to turn most non-consumers away.

Views from the Tuscan Ballroom, Ritz Carlton

The Tuscan ballroom at the Ritz Grand Lakes in Orlando was definitely fitted for the event. Bottles of Prospero were not only on display at the event, but also up for purchase. Immediately after walking in the door the tequila was offered by some fine ladies and gentlemen at the Ritz. I must say what really caught my eye at the time was the cover art that was a part of the branding itself. A female Equestrian scene on the cover art of a tequila? Uncommon, yet very innovative and nothing short of ingenious. I had to truly think to myself, what tequila do I know with a female lead on its branding?

Never the less, who’s better to be the face of the brand other than the incandescent British singer Rita Ora herself. The night wouldn’t have been complete without her appearance at the event. Rita’s sponsorship with PRÓSPERO seemed synchronological. You tell me another face that would represent the brand better?

Rita happens to be one of the sweetest and most genuine celebrities I’ve ever met. Regardless of the countless pictures we took, she made it her priority to take the time and talk to everyone who took the time to come to the event. P.S. she looks even better in person for those wondering and her Rita Rita flavor of the tequila was fantastic tasting! Rita personifies the authentic essence of the brand.

Ora, who holds an unspecified share in Prospero, has been given the moniker of chief creative partner for Prospero. Produced at the Don Roberto Distillery in Jalisco, Mexico!

Conecuh Brands & Rita Ora’s Prospero Tequila range
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