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No Needles Necessary: Collagen Skincare to Turn Back the Clock

No Needles Necessary: Collagen Skincare to Turn Back the Clock
Collagen is beauty’s buzziest word for enhancing skin’s natural glow from within. With the wear and tear of environmental damage and everyday stresses, the skin’s natural production of collagen starts to decrease. Enter: Amala Beauty, the luxury, organic skincare line used in the most elite spas around the world and backed by clinical results to incorporate collagen into your everyday beauty routine — no needle needed! Repeat no needles needed!
Amala knows that the key to skin’s elasticity and youthful bounce is proper production of collagen. That’s why the all-organic brand uses plant-based formulations that incorporate superfoods like Organic Cocoa Bean and Buriti to stimulate skin’s natural microcirculation for a rosy glow and optimal skin health.
My favorite part about Amala is that they source their plant ingredients straight from a global network of ethically-grown farms, as well as sustainable, eco-friendly materials for packaging.
Here are some collagen-boosting favorites
Amala fans swear by:
Rich in all-natural firming agents and nourishing Vitamin A, the Collagen Mask is a restorative, skin-repairing fix for the appearance of fine lines. Using the superfood powers of Organic Cocoa Bean and Buriti, this mask infuses skin with potent plant actives to amplify collagen production.
This powerful serum imparts clinically-proven firming benefits using an exclusive blend of potent pro-collagen plant peptides, coming from Organic Cocoa Bean, Soy, and Vitamin C. These collagen-boosting ingredients provides powerful antioxidant protection to boost collagen and elasticity.
This targeted specialist serum diminishes the look of expression lines and deeper wrinkles, proven in an independent clinical study, showing 100% of participants with significant reduction in wrinkle depth and improvement in skin hydration.
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