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Lily Allen Kicks Off US Leg of Her Tour in California

Lily Allen Kicks Off US Leg of Her Tour in California

Lily Allen hit the stage at The Observatory in Santa Ana, California on Friday night, for an intimate show, kicking off the US leg of her tour.

Before Lily took the stage, the energy in the room grew with each person entering in anticipation. Everyone was eager to see the British talent and when she stepped into the red glowing spotlight the crowd burst into a roar of excitement.

Lily has her own quirky, cool and fierce sense of style. Dressed what can only be described as street/casual, donning an orange camouflage crop top with black joggers, no diva costume was needed for her to transcend in her performance. Dancing and singing on stage as it came naturally to the singer with the crowd hanging onto every moment.


Her sweet accented voice, with a side of sass, made all for an unforgettably great intimate show. Lily Allen is one of the very few artists who can actually sing live and it sounded effortlessly beautiful. She doesn’t need back up dancers or singers to make it a great show. It’s a focus on a woman who can sing and one who does not need the distraction of a big production to take away from her talent.

She sang a 90 minute set with some fan favorites like Smile, LDN, and Not Fair from her previous albums, as well as her latest album No Shame, which is compiled of honest songs like Apples, Three, Come on Then. Touching on personal subjects of her life, the album gives us a deep dive into her reality. It’s one of the few albums I can honestly say I would listen to all the way through; which is hard to come by in this day and age.



Photography by Colin McKay