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Behind the Scenes of Prabal Gurung x Whal Myung Spring 2019 Collection

Behind the Scenes of Prabal Gurung x Whal Myung Spring 2019 Collection

Prabal Gurung x Whal Myung

Spring  2019 Collection | New York Fashion Week, September 2018

Led by Nam Vo using Whal Myung


The inspiration behind the skincare prep for Prabal Gurung’s Spring 2019 Collection, created by lead artist, Nam Vo for Whal Myungfeatured a naturally luminous and dewy complexion exclusively using Whal Myung skincare, including two new formulas that just launched on Nordstrom.com.

“I truly believe beautiful makeup starts with beautiful skin. For the Prabal Gurung Show we used Whal Myung formulas to achieve a fresh and glowing complexion,” says Nam Vo.

“We are living in a critical time, when visible representation and giving a seat at the table to minority voices is more important than ever. With everything we do, we want to celebrate diversity and give those groups often underrepresented a platform and a voice. This notion is reflected in our runway casting and also extends to our partners we work with on the beauty look backstage. It was so wonderful to partner with Nam Vo, a female makeup artist, and the Whal Myung team, a Korean beauty brand. Together we can channel our collective power to shift societal norms.” – Prabal Gurung



  • Start by cleansing skin with the Whal Myung WM5 Meltaway Cleansing Balm. This plant-based formula melts away makeup, dirt and impurities while also deeply hydrating and firming the skin.
  • After cleansing, lightly spray the Whal Myung Skin Elixir all over the face. Nam either lets it air dry or gently presses the formula into the skin using her fingertips, allowing skin to fully absorb the 5 selected herb extracts (Argania Spinosa Kernel Oil, Ginger Root, Clove, Lechitin, Citrus Unshiu Peel)

“The Skin Elixir acts as an all-in-one toner, serum and oil so it really injects moisture and plumpness into skin,” says Nam.

  • Layer on the Whal Myung WM5 Inner Glow Moisturizing Serum by delicately patting into the skin. Packed with transparent, hyaluronic acid infused beads, the serum provides a powerful punch of moisture and nourishment without any oiliness.
  • Finish off skin with the Whal Myung WM5 Hydrating Cream for drier skin types or the Whal Myung WM5 Revitalizing Cream for normal to oily skin.


“What I love about the ingredients, especially being a makeup artist is that a lot of times there are these really beautiful, rich moisturizers but they just sit on top of the skin – I love the Whal Myung formulas because they absorb immediately and meld so nicely into the skin. It just makes the skin super vibrant, glowing and healthy,” says Nam.