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Lounge Envy: Andy Masi and Clique Hospitality

Lounge Envy: Andy Masi and Clique Hospitality

Since the 1990’s Andy Masi has had his hand in creating and launching over 20+ venues in some of the most luxurious hotels and premier destinations in the world.  2018 is the year Masi’s vision is coming alive at Palms Casino Resort in Las Vegas.  And what an exciting time it will be for all involved. I spoke with Andy and was curious to hear how he continues to be inspired to create amazing world-class social clubs and lounges second to none.

Known as the go-to guru of hospitality, I asked Andy how he stays motivated and inspired.  “Innovation pops up everywhere and I take inspiration from the concepts and vibes that surround me, keeping things organic as I watch and observe the growth and evolution of ideas.”  Andy told me he is most excited about Palms Casino in Las Vegas.  “ This project is a one of a kind experience” an iconic property with so much history.  “Apex and Camden are destinations you come to for the environment and social connection,” really intertwining the space with our guests by tying in the fresh and relevant moments for a perfect sensory experience.

As a guest arriving at Camden or Apex what can one expect? “Our focus also started with service,” he said. “We were manic about having the best service and the best product. Cutting corners was just not an option for us.” In 2015, Masi employed this mentality to Clique Hospitality, a boutique group he founded.  Clique has multiple restaurants and lounges in several of the trendiest properties in Las Vegas, San Diego and Washington, D.C. In 2018, Masi will bring his distinct vision to Palms Casino Resort in Las Vegas. Masi and Clique Hospitality currently operates 14 venues and shows no signs of slowing down.

WIth elevated luxury destinations, sweeping views, and being an iconic master of hospitality the bar is pretty high, I asked Masi where he sees the landscape of Vegas and its venues in 10-20 years?  “Evolving” is the word he used.  “To be the best and provide excellence you must grow with the vibe.” Vegas certainly has that!  As fans of Masi’s we will be anticipating nothing but great things for his future and the future of his creativity.  Andy keeps his creative juices flowing by adhering to a strict work-life balance, staying grounded by his California lifestyle.  He attributes his life experiences and his industry role models for helping shape and mentor him through his own growth process.

APEX Social Club will be located in the space formerly known as Ghostbar and has long held the unofficial title as the best view in Las Vegas with an unrivaled 180-degree view.  Apex will be a mesmerizing  8,000-square-foot space of open-air boutique nightclub.

Trendy, warm finishes accompanied by sounds from local and national DJ’s will greet guests upon arrival to the 55th-floor venue. Guests will also be surrounded by a number of one-of-a-kind art pieces, done by renowned artist Dustin Yellin, which will serve as a focal point to the room, creating a sophisticated, upscale vibe. To complement the stunning view and venue, guests will be able to experience specialty-crafted cocktails, age-old favorites or indulge in tableside bottle service, all while capturing peering down on the city below.

Fifty-four floors below a thriving social club will sit amid a completely renovated Palms casino floor that’s equally as unique and refined. Camden Cocktail Lounge, located adjacent to the main entrance, is another reimagined venue. A dynamic cocktail lounge at its core, Camden Cocktail Lounge will focus on mind-blowing cocktails, all presented in a distinctive over-the-top manner and with flair unlike anything seen before. Bartenders, all of them masters of mixology in their own right, will put their own whimsical spin on beloved classics or create new favorites for guests right before their very eyes. The attention to detail inside Camden Cocktail Lounge will be second-to-none.  Another cool and fresh feature will be that the programming will change daily with a mixture of live music and DJ-driven sounds.

Thus achieving the “heydays” of Vegas, bringing back the energy in the room, creating memories and meaningful guest experience.
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Written by Coleen Janeway SkinFoodBodyLove.com @skinfoodbodylove Lifestyle Editor, LaPalme Magazine