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Whether you yearn to see and experience distant lands or prefer to stay relatively close to home, we tend to take lots of things with us when we’re traveling.

In my case I tend to overpack, and badly I must declare. I need multiple looks to potentially wear which necessitates many different outfits, and of course this requires the appropriate footwear.
I will be honest- my style depends on my mood and I have been told that I can be  moody, and my last name not withstanding.
For my travels a carry-on is not useful because I takes lots of things with me. I will say that I own one carry-on, and just one.
Luggage has changed significantly over time. Historically the most common types of luggage were chests or trunks that were made of wood or other heavy materials, and then would be shipped by professional movers to the travelers destination.
This particular manner of moving a wardrobe would have served me very well, but this type of luggage is no longer conducive to modern travel.
By the 1950’s air travel became popular and more accessible to many Americans, so over time smaller and more lightweight suitcases and bags that can be carried by an individual have become the main form of luggage.

According to the Oxford English Dictionary, the word luggage originally meant inconveniently heavy baggage and comes from the verb lugand the suffix -age.

Conspicuously absent from the Oxford English Dictionary is Beautiful Luggage.

With a superb balance of craftsmanship, materials, finishes and colors enhances the suede and buffalo leather wheeled trolley from Brunello Cucinelli.

This particular travel accessory is crafted with soft buffalo suede, which features treatments made on the leather to assist preserving the suede from unsightly stains.
I am quite certain that I need a new carry-on, as I have seen the error of my ways and now in dire need of Brunello Cucinelli luggage in my life so that I too can travel beautifully.
Brunello Cucinelli Men’s Leather /Buffalo Suede Rolling Trolley.
  • Buffalo leather trim and top handle with hanging suede leather ID tag.
  • Two-way zip closure in warm gold tone.

  • Zip pocket at front; large leather slip pocket with snap at back.

  • Inside, features a stain-resistant fabric lining; zip pocket, holding straps and leather trimmed name tag.

  • Four wheels for ease of movement.
  • Proudly Made in Italy 🇮🇹

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