For many of us this is that time of the year where we want to execute style & warmth, especially in colder regions. As we layer and bundle up accessories often times compliment our fall/winter ensembles.  Hats in particular have made a strong presence in its come back with our choices of accessories and men’s furnishings.

Hats for the most part are personable. Therefore, selecting a great winter hat to suit you can be difficult at times when filtering thru a retailer’s selection that does not specialize in millinery. When selecting your perfect winter hat from a specialty store or millinery studio many times you gain knowledge of the style that suits you, true head sizing, fabrication, durability, etc. Gaining these informative nuggets will make your winter hat choices easier in the future.

Although wool is warm and most common for winter hats, many individuals are allergic to this natural fiber. Wool can also be damaging to hair causing breakage unless the hat has an inside lining. When creating winter headwear for my clients I tend to stay away from 100% wool fabrics unless requested or lined. Velour, fur, suede, beaver, solame, & cashmere felts are a bit more forgiving on the skin and hair. Velour and beaver felts are great in color, prints, and texture, which can impact a stylish statement. All of the felts stated are durable holding its original shape, color, & style when properly handled and stored during off seasons.

Whether your winter hat choice is one being styled conservatively for the office or stylish in shape with leopard print as you walk the frigid winter streets of NYC have fun as you keep warm topping off your ensemble with a great winter chapeau.

Beaver Felt Leopard Print: “Hoodie  Helmet”

Navy Velour: “Bullet Styler”



Purple Velour: “Royal Blush”

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