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How Jacynda Smith Came in and Saved Tyme

How Jacynda Smith Came in and Saved Tyme


CEO and inventor of the TYME Iron Jacynda Smith has given woman a gift that they have been begging for since the beginning of time. She gave them their time back! Yes, it sounds insane, but it’s true. With the Tyme Iron it will take you less than 10 minutes to do your hair. Since debuting the iron she has been creating nothing but revolutionary hair care products and tools for her clients. I had the chance to chat with Jacynda about her journey as a CEO  and what advice she has when it comes to manifesting your dreams.


I know you were inspired by the movie The Secret can you tell me a little bit about that?

I got “The Secret” by using “The Secret.” Which is funny because I was telling my friend that I wanted to get the book for my husband and she said that she used to work for The Secret so she could get me a copy tomorrow. So she hooked me up with a movie and a book. After watching it I was thinking WOW! You attract certain things in your life and manifest what you set out your intentions to do. It’s really crazy how the world works.


I know I always try to incorporate The Secret into my daily life, how do you focus?

I’ve done a lot of work on myself while starting this journey and becoming a CEO. However, you want to look at your role on your journey and I’ve come to the conclusion that there’s a couple of things that really help along the way. One of them is removing judgment from yourself and on others which will quiet negative thoughts. So if you don’t judge whatever it is and embrace what you’ve received, you might be surprised that it ended up better in the end. Once you start moving in that direction all those other voices aren’t as prevalent. I find that women, in particular, are taught to judge themselves for everything they do. How they handle situations by trying to please someone else and worrying about how people will perceive them. If you can remove judgment, that’s the best way to move forward.

So what was your next move after watching the movie?

Well, it’s kind of funny because I was so inspired by it. I was like this is awesome, this is so cool!  You can just bring things into your life by putting out good intentions into the world. I looked at my husband and said, “What did you get out of the movie that was awesome!?” My mind was racing with ideas and what could happen and what you can bring to fruition. I was thinking how it was important as a hairstylist that you want your clients to look good. Not only when they walk out of the salon, but every day until they come back.  I would always teach my clients how to style their hair. A lot of the times they would ask me how to curl their hair different ways.  I always used a flat iron to curl my hair, but I found that it was so hard for them to use that technique. I started thinking how can I make this technique easier? Ultimately all of it stems back to spreading light to others and showing them how to follow their excitement by following yours.  It’s really cool how it comes together when you set out on a path just by taking a step towards a thought you’re excited about.

You started with the Tyme Iron what inspired you to expand into hair products?

It was after my brother invested his life savings into our journey together by creating the Tyme Iron. So we’re business partners and he said, “Well you have to have other products that go with it– you should make shampoo and conditioner.”I instantly thought, what do I know about shampoo and conditioner? So initially, I didn’t feel I would be able to provide anything in that area because I wasn’t knowledgeable at the time about the detailed composition of the products, just the ingredients that I knew would make a good wet line. My brother actually ended up meeting somebody with a company that creates shampoos and I spoke with the chemists telling them exactly how I wanted the shampoo to perform. Interestingly enough, they said they’ve never been asked for performance before. I did not have a single stipulation on how much it would cost to make it, I just wanted the performance factor to deliver the best results to my customers.

Jacynda with her Tyme team

Was that transition easy or difficult, it sounds like it was an easy journey for you?

That part of the journey, yes. I didn’t realize that I think in a way that people don’t always think. I thought everyone would look at a shampoo bottle and think why doesn’t this pump reach all the way to the bottom? Those aren’t things that people generally think about. I think about every aspect of what we put into our bottles. Like creating bottles that are aesthetically appealing because I don’t like ugly bottles in my bathroom or creating a product that will appeal to my husband and kids so we don’t have 10 shampoo bottles cluttering up the shower. As I was looking at shampoo bottles, I was thinking how come they can make lipsticks that are pretty but shampoo bottles are not? I didn’t understand that concept but I figured if makeup can do it, hair products can too. So we set out to do that. That part of the journey was very easy. I think the challenge for me was growing so that I could lead. At that point, I was realizing that I loved working with people but I never looked at myself as a leader until just recently.

What are you currently obsessed with in your hair care line?

I’m obsessed with our shampoo and conditioner because of how much freedom it provides. I don’t have any hair challenges like static, greasiness or limp hair,  it combats all of those things. So I don’t have to wash my hair except for a few times a month, believe it or not. We wanted to bring salon quality to everyone because until you get into the salon quality hair styling products, you have even more of those challenges like your hair doesn’t perform as well or it doesn’t hold a curl. Then you start criticizing your hair but you don’t realize that it’s the products that are creating the challenge in the first place. They’re not giving your hair its best life.

Where did you get your name from?

When we were trying to find the name of the company I was in the process of reading the Steve Jobs’ biography.  It was really funny because I was driving and listening to the Audible segment where Steve Jobs was naming Apple. He was saying he liked the soft lines of the apple because on computers all the lines were hard and square. He wanted something that was round and softer visually. So I was thinking everything we do is girly, like curling and we tend to gravitate towards blingy items and I wanted something short. I was thinking, what are the words that resonate with what we’re doing? Then it came to me, the tool I was developing  saves you so much “time.” In that moment, I knew what the name of the company was going to be. My parents switched the I to Y in my name “Jacynda” and it must’ve somehow popped in my head all at once. It was months of searching before that.

What advice do you have for women entrepreneurs?

Believe in yourself and don’t judge yourself. Even if you don’t believe in yourself you have to act like you do. Simply remind yourself, I do know this, this must be the right course of action. I remember all through school I was told I wasn’t a good writer. I always got poor grades on papers so I believed I wasn’t capable of writing professional emails or developing good messaging for my products. I think if you start following your excitement, you just stick with it. Know that in your heart that your intention is good and this is where you want to go to find the answers you need.

Basically, what I would want to tell any woman is learn to follow your excitement and the rest will follow suit.

Quotes or sayings help motivate me when I’m lacking motivation what is something you always turn to that puts you in a better mood?

A “theme song” of whatever is exciting to me in that moment. I always have a theme song for my life at any given time. I can always tell you what my favorite song is and it’s always changing. Right now it’s Maroon 5’s “Lips on You” and Bebe Rexha’s “Meant to Be” (feat. Florida Georgia Line.)

What separates you from other curling iron companies?

Time spent getting ready is a huge separator, but also our intentions. With our products, women get their most coveted asset back and that is their time. Our goal is to make everyone’s experience better and happier. We truly care about it. That’s why we have actual people teach you how to use the iron through our StyleTYME sessions. We pay close attention to all of our customer feedback, whether it’s in person or through social media, we want to make sure that the TYME experience is great for them at the end of the day.

Watch the video below to see how easy and simple it is to use!