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Post-Fashion Week Boot Camp Like the Celebrities

Post-Fashion Week Boot Camp Like the Celebrities

First it’s New York, then London, Milan, and finally Paris. You’ve been surviving on canapes and champagne alone. Or maybe you’re not even in fashion but have indulged in one too many pain-au -chocolat and glasses or Rose over the summer, we’ve all been there!

Whether your a Gentleman or a Lady, It’s time to take control, but this is easier said than done. I try to live  a balanced life pilates, personal training combined with going out with friends and working like the next person. Sometimes thought it’s just hard to totally reboot your system and there is only one answer: Boot Camp!


There has been a ongoing trend in bootcamps. Just over the summer my instagram story feed was flooded with all my friends checking out for the week and heading to fit camps. Naturally, I was eager to find out what all the fuss was about.

No 1 Bootcamp is super famous with many celebs flocking for a week of fitness. It’s actually become such a success they have opened a second venue in Ibiza. I decided to check into their camp in the beautiful English countryside of Norfolk .



It’s just over an hour train ride from London Kings Cross which is super convenient. I arrived for a week of fitness with my Bobble water bottle, Sweaty Betty workout gear and Berghaus backpack. I was ready for action.

The Drill: 

-7 hours exercise a day from vigorous body conditioning using a mixture of bars, hand weights and your own body weight all classes take place out side rain or shine.

-Breathtaking hikes across Norfolks beautiful beaches

-Pilates at sunset .



It is tough! People cry, sweat, and suffer through it. But there is such a great feeling on team work and reward you end up making great friends with everyone there. The food is totally delicious despite having no salt sugar or nasties in it (basically all my favourite things). The two trainers were all ex military and marines! So you know they were tough on us! There was around 20 people at the retreat and it was one of the best reboots I’ve ever had. There were people from around the world on it from Israel to Australia and a good ratio of men to women.



There were moments I felt like Goldie Hawn’s character in Private Benjamin. It was worth sticking it out the results were clearly visible. I felt and looked more toned and had heaps more energy and felt in the best shape and mind set I had been in for ages.



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