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FASHION WEEK MUST HAVE: Chariot Travelware

FASHION WEEK MUST HAVE: Chariot Travelware

Tired of all of your essentials not fitting into your suitcase? Look no further, Chariot Travelware is the perfect suitcase to fit everything you need. With Milan Fashion Week just wrapping up and Paris Fashion Week starting, every fashionista on the go needs to invest in a Chariot Travelware suitcase. Finding a suitcase that will fit every outfit and pairs of shoes can be a struggle, but don’t worry we have you covered.

This hard case suitcase holds everything you could ever possibly need. It has two sides, one perfect for fitting in all your shoes and toiletries and a other big enough to hold all your clothes, and I mean ALL of them, believe me I did it. Don’t miss out on the perfect look just because it can’t fit into your suitcase!

A feature I loved was the TSA approved lock on them that prevents people from being able to break into your bag. Traveling with valuables is no longer a concern. That means you can pack your favorite Celiné bag or pair of Louboutin’s and rest at ease that your favorite items will be safe and in place when you arrive at your destination.

I wouldn’t have made it through the week without all my outfits and shoes and thanks to my amazing and durable suitcase, I was able to pack everything I needed. Get the CH-31 Monet, the suitcase I carried to New York fashion week, or browse their large selection of patterns and colors to find the one perfect for you!

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