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Tech Of The Moment: Gadgets To Elevate Your Workout

Tech Of The Moment: Gadgets To Elevate Your Workout

When it comes to working out there are a few things that can make a sweat sesh that much better. Today that means gadgets.

Living in the 21st century, connected technology and high quality delivery is what the industry thrives for and consumers hope for. With new gadgets launching daily it can be tough to determine which products really live up to the hype. Take our word when we say these six do.

Track Your Goals

QardioArm ($99) is a wireless blood pressure monitor that is proved to accurately measure systolic, diastolic blood pressure as well as heart rate. Did we mention it has an irregular heart beat detection which could not only amp up your next lift sesh, but quite literally be a life saver?

Fitness Gadgets: Qardio Arm devices in an array of colors.

Photo Courtesy of Qardio.

QardioBase ($149.99) is a smart scale that measures a variety of data points like heart rate, body fat, BMI, water and bone composition, etc. Tend to have issues thinking long-term? No worries, get ready to tackle your fitness dreams with Qardio Base’s Smart Feedback Mode which helps you focus on long term goals rather than short.

Fitness Gadgets: A Qardio Base in action.

Photo Courtesy of Qardio.

Fun Fact: Qardio products are among the only FDA-approved connected tech gadgets which means their results are incredibly accurate and reliable.

Thinking more along the lines of an activity tracker meets watch? Polar A360 ($199.95) watches are some of the only wrist-based heart rate equipped fitness trackers. The sleek lightweight design paired with smart coaching, activity benefits, Own Cal (aka the most accurate calorie counter on the market), among other features make it a gym essential across the board. Pair it with the Polar Balance ($99.95) smart scale for a holistic approach to weight management and reaching your fitness goals.

Fitness Gadgets: An assortment of colorful Polar A360s.

Photo Courtesy of Polar.

Fitness Gadgets: The Polar A360 + Balance pairing.

Photo Caption of Polar.

Tune It Out

Marshall tends to be synonymous with unmatched sound quality. Where that once only applied to amps, headphones are now part of the league too.

If you’re the type of person who wants minimal outside noise interruption while you hit the gym, the slender over-ear Marshall Monitor Headphones ($199) are perfect for you.

Fitness Gadgets: Marshall Monitor Headphones.

Photo Courtesy of Marshall.

In the market for old school  headphones that don’t sacrifice sound? What if they had 30+ hours of playtime? Dreams come true with this set of retro Marshall Major II Bluetooth Wireless Headphones ($149). Take them on a run or wear them while you’re lifting heavy for a little extra lyrical motivation.

Fitness Gadgets: Marshall Major II Headphones.

Photo Courtesy of Marshall.

Fun Fact: You can use the empty 3.5mm socket on Marshall headphones to share audio with someone else.