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Poolside with Sophie Dalah

Poolside with Sophie Dalah

Stylist: Phillip Bloch

Photographer: Darian Zahedi

 Assistant Stylists: Jessie Muldrow and Adrell

Makeup Artist: Heather Cvar Products Used: Chantecaille & Nars Cosmetics  

Hairstylist: Michael Quinn using Sachajuan No. 4


The brunette beauty featured on our cover this week is film talent Sophie Dalah. Best known for her work in Angelina Jolie’s powerful film “Unbroken”, we chat with Sophie about her style, what keeps her busy and her upcoming projects.

Lapalme: How did acting come about for you? Who is your inspiration?

Sophie: Ever since I was little I loved to perform, I loved to dance and sing and that’s how I’d spend my spare time. Eventually, I discovered acting… I loved the idea of being another person, feeling and seeing things though Someone else eyes.

 Lapalme: What was it like working with Angelina Jolie in Unbroken?

Sophie: Working with Angelina was almost surreal at first. I could never have imagined the world’s most powerful and striking woman introducing herself to me as Angie. Here I am at 17 years old on my first movie set with one of my idols, an amazing experience. Working with Angie made me realize, to be successful in this industry there no sitting back, you’ve got to take charge in what you do and be proactive. She is one of the most hard working woman I’ve ever met and has truly influenced the way I live my life.


Lapalme: Describe your fashion style?

Sophie: Simple is best. My style is mostly influenced by new wave French films, and actress from the 60s like Anna Karina



Lapalme: Tell us about your latest movie Satanic? What was it like filming it?

Sophie: Filming SATANIC was a lot of fun. It was so awesome to be working on my first indie film with an extremely talented cast and crew.

Lapalme: Who would you love to work with in future projects?

Sophie: I absolutely loved the film GREEN ROOM so working with Jeremy Saulnier (the director) would be a dream. 






Lapalme: What’s next for Sophie?

Sophie: I’m going to be working on a few fun projects the rest of the year and taking acting classes which is extremely important for me. I love being busy so when I’m not auditioning and filming class is where I’m at. Also, I just shot an awesome horror movie in Lake Tahoe. It’s a beautifully shot picture made by director and writer Brad Baruh. Everyone involved was extremely passionate about what they do, every detail in this film is creative and inspiring! Look out for it, it’s called APPLECART!