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Fall Preview: Adding Boots to Your Wardrobe

Fall Preview: Adding Boots to Your Wardrobe

A pair of boots is a time-honored tradition that has spanned generations. Every man should have at least one great pair of boots to compliment his wardrobe.

The Italian hiking boot has transitioned from an alpine background to a more fashion oriented functionality, but that does not imply they are not ready for work if need be.

Men’s footwear is defined by the quality of materials, the last (shape), construction and to the keen eye, beautiful details.

The Brogue was originally designed in Scotland and Ireland as a shoe suitable for wearing while working outdoors in the countryside where the environment is wet and characterized by bogs that made life difficult for the people who worked there on a daily basis.


The need of the day was for a pair of shoes that were more than suitable for this type of work and terrain.

The original Brogues were rudimentary shoes made with untanned animal hide; their distinctive feature was a series of perforations and serrations (broguing) of each piece of leather that was used in their construction.

The purpose of these perforations was to allow water to drain from the shoes easily and not soak the leather.


Another feature of their design was that they were laced by leather tangs and did not have the tongue as in other shoes; they also had high lacing that wrapped above the ankles to prevent injury on uneven ground.


For Fall 2016 Brunello Cucinelli has a new Italian Hiking Boot that keeps an eye on the style of a classic hiking boot and adds a slight twist, a mixed-media approach coupled with neutral colors and superb construction.

Take a warm lamb suede and add felt fabric in a complimentary color to give a classic Italian hiking boot a new twist for Fall 2016.

Constructed of lamb suede and soft yet durable felt fabric.

A rounded wing-tip toe line offers a classic look that is timeless.

Full brogue detailing is a nod to classic style and boot-making.
A classic lace-up front gives the ankle support and also keeps the ankle from over-flexing.

Leather lining and insole.
The 1″ stacked heel offers a typical height for men’s footwear.
A rubberized sole prevents moisture from seeping in.

An Italian hiking boot such as this has a classic form and appears to be from a different time when elegance and sport commingled gracefully.

It is traditional yet modern so that this boot will compliment clothes already within your wardrobe for the city to the countryside and weekdays to treasured fall season weekends.


Or you can take time to explore the new Brunello Cucinelli Fall 2016 Sportswear that is arriving now.


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