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Best in Beach Beauty

Best in Beach Beauty

With their flawless spray-tans, glossed lips, and toned butts, the models of Malibu Swim Week took going for a swim to a whole new level. While we can’t all have their crazy long legs, we can all look flawless at the beach with a great beauty routine and a fantastic set of full-proof, waterproof products.

Before the Beach:

  1. 8 Greens: 8 Greens is a 9-calorie tablet that is dropped in water in order to create a tasty drink that also provides you with the most important greens on-the-go. High in vitamins and minerals and meant to detox organs and reduce the effects of aging. 8 Greens is a great way to get your body feeling great on the inside in order to radiate beauty on the outside for that bare-all bikini.8 greens
  2.  ANEW CLINICAL Extra strength retexturing peel multi-acid complex:  This one-step peel pad gives you all the strength of an in-office dermatological procedure without having to leave your home, delivering a high-performance anti-aging solution without drastic measures leaving you skin glowing pre-beach tan.


At the Beach:

  1. NARS Cream Compact Foundation SPF25: A fantastic foundation for every day that also works very well at the beach. With a good brush, the product blends seamlessly into the skin and absorbs. Set it with a loose powder and your skin will still look flawless after hitting the waves.

8368645_fpx2. Charlotte Tilbury Beach Stick in Es Vedra: This bright color brings a cheeky pop of colour for dewy, youthful lips and cheeks in one effortless stroke. The glowing pigments blend easily onto the cheek, moisturize, and last throughout the day so not only will this product keep you looking glowing at the beach, but it will also transform your skin so that it glows all the time.


3. Urban Decay Cannonball Mascara: This mascara is a must for the beach. Once it’s on it stays put. Even crashing waves and swan dives won’t cause the mascara to flake or run.


After the Beach:

  1. Sisley-Paris After-Sun Care: This skincare product works magic after a day out at the beach. Not only will the soothing formula rehydrate and refresh skin after a day out in the sun, but low-dosage self-tanning ingredients will extend you summer tan.


2. Moroccan Oil Hydrating Style Cream: Saltwater dries out hair so especially if you treat your hair with dyes, it’s important to add back in moisture. This style cream from Morrocan Oil will help hydrate your hair and seal split ends so you can look flawless on your next adventure.hair_hydratingstylingcream_4