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Combatant Gentleman: The Personal Stylist in Your Hand

Combatant Gentleman: The Personal Stylist in Your Hand

Combatant Gentlemen or Combat Gent the vertically-integrated online retailer that continues to disrupt the menswear industry with 100% Italian wool suits starting at $160, is pleased to announce the forthcoming launch of a new iOS app offering customers a superior experience beyond simply shopping on-the-go.

Developed entirely in-house with a Netflix-inspired algorithm, Combat Gent’s new mobile app uses data it obtains and analyzes to create unique experiences for individual customers. Users will have the ability to curate head-to-toe looks using a built-in outfit builder which suggests complementary pieces based on ongoing acquired analyses of previous shopping behaviors and ancillary information like occasion, color theory and location-based weather forecast.



Lauren Jeworski:  What is Combatant Gentlemen?
Combatant Gent: We’re a new kind of menswear company. One that focuses on tech first, and fashion second. We believe that being vertically integrated is just the beginning of what makes a great brand and we’re here to prove that day in and day out. We believe in quality that stands the test of time, fit that matters, and above all, true value for the products we make. We are here to serve a purpose and solve problems. We are Combatant Gentlemen.


LJ:  Who founded Combatant Gentlemen, and when?
CG: CG established 2012 by Vishaal Melwani (CEO, Creative Director, Co-Founder), Scott Raio (CTO, Co-Founder) and Mohit Melwani (CPO, Co-Founder)



LJ: Who is Combatant Gentlemen’s target audience?
CG: Our mission is to help guys get there, wherever “there” may be. We resonate with millennials—those who just graduated college and are preparing for their first interview or real-world career, those getting married or are going to a wedding, those who are budget-conscious but understand style and fashion…



LJ: What is the price range of your clothing?
CG: Our 100% Italian wool suits start at $160. The entire Combat Gent collection ranges between $16 and $300.

LJ: Tell me more about the “perfect outfit finder”?

CG:”For us, mobile isn’t only about selling product,” said Scott Raio, CTO and Co-Founder at Combat Gent. “We believe it is one of the most crucial ways to progress this company and technology altogether, and we wanted to leverage the knowledge of our design team with the data we already have from our current database to create a seamless native experience that provides the utmost value to our end customer.”

“Our ongoing vision is to build things that matter to our guy,” added Vishaal Melwani, CEO, Creative Director and Co-Founder at Combat Gent. “So we created a tool that can live in our customers’ pockets and be pulled out whenever styling or lifestyle advice is needed. Along with providing a one-of-a-kind experience with the latest content, releases and news, the app will serve a comprehensive purpose for our customer. It will, essentially, be more than just another retail brand in the app store.”



LJ:  What is next for Combatant Gentlemen?
CG: We just launched a mobile app. The response has been incredible, and we plan on continually expanding its capabilities and features. We recently partnered with Nordstrom as part of their Pop-In series, Heartbreakers II. We just held a successful event with Nordstrom in San Francisco, and we’ll be hosting two more in Seattle and Chicago.

We have plans to expand our collection beyond formalwear and roll out more retail stores in the near future, with our second showroom opening up in Beverly Hills within the next few months.




Highlights from the app’s features include:

  • Exclusive content and deals: Users will have access to geo-targeted Combat Gent news, content, and messages, including early access, free shipping and exclusive deals.
  • Outfit Builder: The app’s recommendation feature utilizes custom data such as previous shopping behaviors, color theory, skin tone and weather forecast to help users buildperfect head-to-toe looks.
  • Fit Tech: Combat Gent’s homegrown Fit Tech tool instantly generates sizing recommendations based on user details like height, weight, and pants size.
  • Apple Pay: The app is integrated with Apple Pay so users can check out faster and easierwith a single touch.Compatible with the iPhone 5, 5S, 6, 6Plus, 6S and 6S Plus, Combat Gent’s new iOS app will be available to download in the Apple App Store starting February 16th.For additional information regarding Combatant Gentlemen and the mobile app, please visit www.combatgent.com.

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