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Millennials in Mendocino

Millennials in Mendocino

If your 2016 has been off to a crazy start then the Little River Inn’s new “Meet Mendocino” getaway might be exactly what you need! How does “5 Days in Wonderland” sound to you? Well if you’re asking us, it seems like a dream come true. 

Meet Mendocino has focused all their efforts on us millennials (and millennials at heart) and it is about to pay off. Not only has the Little River Inn designed the perfect escape from the daily grind, but they’ve also taken all the work out of planning the trip! Yes, that means all you have to do is show up and enjoy yourself. No matter what your personal dream vacation might be at least 1 of the 5 days is bound to fulfill a fantasy. 


Don’t forget that the itinerary is completely laid out for you…just what you busy bees need when trying to get away and relax. From the wineries and redwoods, to waterfall hikes and hot springs, Mendocino’s “5 Days in Wonderland” package gives you all the enjoyment with none of the hassle.


Have we reeled you in yet? Well if that isn’t enough to make you want to visit, then maybe their “Choose Your Own Adventure” contest taking place this month will get you hooked. Just head to the LRI website https://littleriverinn.shortstack.com/4nl79H and vote for your ideal vacation! The variety in Mendocino is unbelievable, there truly is something for everyone! And the grand prize winner will not only get four nights of their favorite package but it also includes airfare, dining, golf and spa treatments!

So whether you are looking for a calm retreat or you want to explore the mountains, meetmendocino.com is ready to make those day dreams a reality for you! What are you waiting for millennials, we know your phone is already in hand. Hope on their site and plan your trip out of town, instead of planning your next Instagram photo.

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