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Festival Fashion from the Experts

Festival Fashion from the Experts

Music festivals are unlike anything else you’ll ever experience, including the fashion you sport while you’re there. The open fields filled with music and dancing are the perfect stage for your next fashion statement.

I think it goes without saying that what you wear is an expression of who you are. Well, we’ve got four fabulous designers here giving you their best festival fashion tips. Let your style stand out this Spring, I promise you’ll thank us later.

We’ll start with the obvious, clothing. Festivals are fun but they’re also some of the hottest, longest days so why not opt for an itty bitty bikini! Top it with a simple lace dress and you’ll be staying cool and chic all day long. Sable Banoun, Co-Founder and Co-Designer of ‘THEPERFEXT’ thinks this a great way to go “go effortlessly from day to night.”

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Now, if you’re anything like me than you’ll want to be completely hands-free at these events. Holding onto all your belongings in a clutch or even a full on purse is just going to weigh you down, literally! My advice is to find a bag that clings to you, a simple cross-body will do the trick. This way you won’t have to think for even one moment if you set down your bag at the last musician’s set and forgot it there! It will become impossible to misplace your bag since it will be hanging on your side as you frolic freely all day long. Jenna Jackson, Co-Founder and Designer of ‘August,’ says “Our San Remo bag is perfect for a music festival as it’s both stylish and versatile. It is small enough to carry around all day but fits enough that you can take what you need to get you from day to night. This bag also offers a back zipper pocket which is key to accessing your phone easily so that you can take photos and record your fave artists and songs.” Sounds like the perfect sidekick to me! And a foolproof way not to lose your things while your out having fun. On the other hand, keeping track of all your friends? Good luck with that one…everyone turns into a wandering spirit at festivals like these.

august San Remo bag

When it comes to accessorizing? Fine jewelry designer Zoë Chicco explains that festivals are the perfect place to “go for it!” A fashionable music festival outfit isn’t complete without loads of jewelry so she suggests we “have fun with it and pile it on! In this case more is definitely more.” Well Zoë, I couldn’t agree. Don’t be scared to stack those rings on every single finger. Wear 3 bracelets instead of just 1, I mean why not right? Use it to accent your light breezy outfit and make a statement with some gemstone jewelry from Designer/Creative Director Tamar Kelman, of Arik Kastan. If you’re hesitant that you might be overdoing it with the jewels, don’t. Take it from Tamar Kelman, of Arik Kastan, “the more you wear, the better it gets!” Enjoy the glitz and glamour in your accessories, the rest of your experience will be so raw and real that I won’t doubt you leave the festival with a totally revived soul.


Ladies, this time around don’t play it safe…have fun with your fashion choices and let your jewelry sparkle just as bright as your dancing spirit. These festivals only come around once a year, it’s time to make your essence present!


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