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Laurent Dufourg – Owner of Prive Products

Laurent Dufourg has been a leader in the Haircare Industry for over thirty years. The spry and witty 65 year old hairstylist to the stars has just opened his newest Salon in the Luxurious Sherry Netherland Hotel on 5th Avenue. We stopped by to see the new Prive by Laurent D Salon and have a few words with the man himself.



LM: What drew you to styling so many years ago?

LD: When I was sixteen and in a band I wanted a new drum set so I got a summer job shampooing where my mom got her hair done every Saturday, I fell in love with the industry.

LM: What is it that keeps you attracted to it? 

LD: Meeting new people and being creative.

LM: After all the years of Being in the business, do you ever feel jaded by it? 

LD: Not at all, no. I am still very passionate for it.

LM: What keeps things fresh and exciting for you?

LD: To work with young and talented people and to learn from them.

LM: What challenges do you think you still face?

LD: Finding a great staff.

LM: The Hair, the Fashion it’s the total package that makes the presentation work- who are some of your favorite designers to style for?

LD: I love to work for Son Jung Wan. I would love to work for the also talented Yohji Yamamoto.

LM: Can you tell me more abou your concept of the Modern Salon and what that looks like for the Prive Academy when designing the curriculum for the next generation?

LD: Our education mixes old-school learning with the latest trends. Our academy is centered on current looks—such as men’s grooming, pin-up style, and signature cutting and styling classes based on Laurent’s own techniques—while our in-salon curriculum follows a traditional apprenticeship program. With this, stylists get hands-on experience by assisting senior stylists while honing their skills in the looks that are all the rage right now.

LM: What makes this salon different from your others?

LD: We have a much smaller staff. Being located inside the beautiful Sherry- Netherland building associated with both the famous Cipriani restaurant and “Double” the most private socialite club which make it chic and trendy at the same time.

LM: When designing your spaces, do you have a certain aesthetic in mind before your begin or do you just go on instinct?

LD: Very modern and functional using timeless material.

LM: Why the name change for the salon?

LD: I’ve always believed that one should only sign their name to something they’re proud of. Throughout the years, I’ve always sought to make my salons better and better, but now I’ve taken everything I’ve learned and found the perfect formula for a salon- so I’m finally ready to put my name on it.

LM: Of all your favorite products, which is your go- to?

LD: The Finishing Texture Spray.

LM: What was the impetus for Concept Vert? 

LD: Creating something safe for the environment.

LM: You have surrounded yourself by the best Stylists in this business, what is your criteria when bringing on someone new?

LD: Somebody better than me.

LM: Do you have any criteria for clientele also?

Who is your ideal client? 

LD: No criteria for clientele. My clientele goes from an 18 year old model to a 60 year old socialite.

LM: What is next for Laurent D?

LD: Staying connected to the industry and create innovative new PRIVE products and expanding the PRIVE education culture.



781 5th Ave

New York, NY 10022

b/t 59th St & 60th St

(212) 308-7100

Fall 2015 Issue

Prive by Laurent D is located at the historic Sherry Netherland Hotel

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Photography: Jeff Rojas

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