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“I Just Don’t Understand Fashion”- Jeremy Scott

“I Just Don’t Understand Fashion”- Jeremy Scott

“In my work I search for happiness and then try to convey that joy in the clothes, I’m not anti-intellectual, but primarily I try to feel things. Emotions aren’t always rational; it’s not possible to put them into words”- Jeremy Scott


With that simple explanation of Jeremy Scott’s work we are able to understand the pieces we see strut down his runway shows a little bit more. Every designer has their own specific touch in which they build off of to create something even more meaningful.

A few perfect examples of such creators; Jeremy Scott, being the creative director of Moschino is known to take fast food items and turn them into fashion pieces. Rick Owens is known for his darkly glamorous post-apocalyptic take on gothic grunge. Betsy Johnson for the “youthquake” movement in fashion with her neon colors and puffy pieces. Alexander Wang for his sporty yet elegant looks. One thing is evident in each of these designer’s collections and that is their ability to convey a sense of emotion within their pieces in which they creatively try to bring those emotions to life.

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We most commonly hear the question, “Who would wear that?”

Now the last thing I’m trying to say here is that you should want to wear every eccentric fashion piece you see, that just wouldn’t be realistic. Ultimately, The beauty of fashion is to break boundaries and limits. As I mentioned before every piece has a sense of emotion in it.

Have you ever stopped and looked at your outfit and asked yourself, “How does this match my emotions?” Believe me, slowly you will start to realize that we typically dress depending on how we feel. Take a look at different designers and see which ones exaggerate your emotions the most then let yourself be lost in their imagination. This will help you understand the purpose of fashion and why it goes past the boundaries of our mindsets.

Fashion is art, designers are the artists, and their pieces are paintings engulfed in their passion and overpowering emotions. I was recently asked ” How wearable is Kanye West’s new line?” My simple response was ” As wearable as all other designer collections”.

Runway shows are not meant to be basic, ordinary or normal. The same people who ” just don’t understand fashion” critique it as if it is completely different from every other designer. The purity of fashion and style must remain untouched no matter who it is being designed by or where that person came from. Now besides the props used in the fashion show any piece is wereable. Each designer goes above and beyond when presenting their pieces as they should, but when broken down into separate pieces we can combine them and create many looks that depict different styles inspired by our emotions.

There is but so much of fashion that can be understood and broken down. The rest lies within the minds of the artists similar to any other art form. We are given the creative freedom to tell a story with each piece within our minds and if bold enough with our bodies.