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Get To Know Up and Coming Stylist, Shannon Marie

Get To Know Up and Coming Stylist, Shannon Marie

While mingling at New York Fashion Week I was lucky enough to cross paths with up and coming stylist, Shannon Marie. If her style wasn’t enough to keep me intrigued, her uplifting spirit and inspiring story was. After realizing that fashion was her calling the Texas native packed up and moved to New York, which led her to styling for designer such as; Wes Gordon, Todd Snyder, Lazaro and more at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week. Get to know more about the stylist whose taking New York by storm in our Q&A.

Q: When did you realize you wanted to embark on a career in the fashion industry?

A: Whenever I visited New York, I would come with a bunch of friends and it was really them that motivated me to explore the industry…. Once I saw the possibility of being a stylist, and that this was would be a good opportunity for me and the opportunity was here in New York I was a lot more motivated.

Q: What would you say is your style aesthetic? Personally, I am very androgyny driven. I love the mix of feminine and masculine, but at the same time I want to be edgy and chic. As far as styling, it depends on whatever the shoot calls for; I like to go into stories using fashion.

Q: Have you ever styled a shoot where you weren’t feeling the theme or direction and if so how did you go about it?

A: I actually haven’t experienced that, maybe once but normally when I do a shoot the photographer brings the vision and the mood board and I provide the clothes. Some clients allow me to have the vision but most clients just want you to provide the clothes. Luckily for me I’ve never been a situation where I’m thinking, “What is going on? That’s a hot mess!”

Q: What is your favorite season fashion wise?

A: I’m a summer girl! I love summer, mostly because you don’t have to worry about layering. I’m kind of opposite when it comes to a lot of fashion girls because a lot of fashion girls like the layering, but I just like to be free. In the summer time I use a lot of accessories to give my outfit spice.

Q:What trends are you look forward to this season?

A: I am definitely looking forward to the 70’s trend. I’m definitely looking forward to the hot pants, colorful ensembles. I’m also looking forward to the boxier silhouettes like the ones in Balmain’s collection.

Q: Where are your favorite places to shop for budget buys?

A: Top Shop for sure! I love that store so much because they have so much to offer and you have some great designers that collaborate with Top Shop HnM as well. For instance they just collaborated with Alexander Wang and I was in line for that, so it gets you excited!

Q: Do you have any celebrities or artist in mind that you’d love to style?

A: Absolutely! I want to style Miguel, just because I love Miguel, I love his movement and I love his style and I definitely see us having a natural connection. I definitely want to style Jhene Aiko, she’s up and coming, she’s still building herself as an artist and I definitely want to be in the forefront of that. I want to style Solange, she’s amazing and I love her style and I definitely see us hitting it off. I could see my self styling Blake Lively, I can definitely see myself on the set of films. I certainly don’t want to limit my self as to which artist I would style because I’m very open to styling every type of artist, but those are just a few names.

Q: Okay, so we all have that outfit that we thought was cute once upon a time but when we go back to look at pictures, we’re like, “What was I thinking?” What would you say is one of those moments for you?

A: Wow, I have a hole bunch of them. Last year I did this Frida Khalo inspired outfit. I was just really inspired by her movement and stance in feminism and the fact that she was so before her time, before being an artist was even cool. So I found this skirt and it had a painting of her on the skirt. I paired the skirt with a frilly, bell-sleeved top. I think at the time I thought, “Oh my God this is so perfect,” and I thought I captured what people wore at the time but looking back, I’m like “Girl, what were you thinking?” I can look back now and laugh because I let my creativity loose, if you restrict yourself creatively you can’t grow.

Q: If your style were a song, what would the name be?

A: If my style were song it would be Digable Planets whole album, or A Tribe Called Quest. I love that movement and how they captured a whole generation’s voice. For me they’re timeless, there music is just cool and has a funk to it. Or I would say Charles Wright’s Express Yourself.

To see more of Shannon Marie’s work you can head to her website at Shannonmariestyles.com, or follow her on Instagram at @shannonmarienyc.