Photographer: Dane Baraz @DaneShots Stylist: Brunilda Culaciati @Brunildastyle Model: Aaron Anderson @r.aaron.anderson Hair/Make up: Kizzi Barazetti @RealLifeKizzi View Post

New Year, New… Brunch?

New Year, New… Brunch? New Year, New You, New… Brunch? Order another round of Mimosas: We’ve got your lazy Sunday planning covered. Cleo Third Street at the Orlando Hotel debuted their all-new weekend brunch menu featuring Bottomless Mimosas, Bellinis… View Post

Dior Men In Miami

Dior Men In Miami Dior’s men’s 2020 collection ripped through Rubell family art Museum in Miami with hand embroidered cashmeres beaded down to a “T” in the new mens collection by the one and only Mr.KimJones. The collection, clearly… View Post