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New Year, New… Brunch?

New Year, New… Brunch?

New Year, New You, New… Brunch? Order another round of Mimosas: We’ve got your lazy Sunday planning covered. Cleo Third Street at the Orlando Hotel debuted their all-new weekend brunch menu featuring Bottomless Mimosas, Bellinis and our favorite, Ricotta Pancakes. 

Cleo continues to star Chef Danny Elmaleh’s creations of Mediterranean dishes for their new exquisite brunch menu. Every item on the menu has a unique set of flavors that leave you wanting another. Cleo’s brunch menu features an array of gluten-free, vegetarian and vegan-friendly options prepared with as many organic ingredients as the market has available. Every ingredient is locally sourced and sustainable, reaffirming Cleo’s continuous dedication to responsible farming and reducing their global footprint. 

The choices do not include anything that might be confused with a Denny’s breakfast slam. The service was impeccable, but still easy going as brunch should be. Thoughtfully executed classics and as off-the-charts welcoming vibe makes this the exemplary Los Angeles brunch. 

Ricotta Pancakes topped with Nutella ganache, mixed berries and whipped creme fraiche. The cakes were springy and doughy and the Nutella and berries mingled nicely. 

My personal favorite was the Moroccan Fried Chicken. On Ciabatta, with apricot mustard, house pickles, Napa cabbage and herb salad. This is the most delicious, “guilt-free” fried chicken sandwich I’ve had. It was light, crispy, tangy and sweet – all of the layers required for the perfect sandwich. 

Available Saturday & Sunday from 11:30AM to 3PM.

Cleos On Third Street at the Orlando Hotel

8384 W 3rd St, Los Angeles, CA 90048

Cleo on Third Street