Arina Pritch, founder and Creative Director of PRITCH LONDON, with a  multicultural background; Georgian, British, Russian, and Ukrainian. She has been catching attention on an international level, with her statement pieces that are truly head-turners. Founding her company in 2012, right after graduating from The Instituto Marangoni in London. Always unique and true to her vision, Arina has gathered a team from all over the world, incorporating a rich multicultural diverse team, along with the head of design, Federica Braghieri.

JL  – Who / What inspires you? In my experience inspiration comes sometimes as a person, nature, by mood, and in so many shapes and forms.

AP – To me, inspiration comes from people, their psychology, their mood, and their state of mind by nature, Art and history are obviously massive sources of inspiration for our collections, designed by Federica Braghieri.

JL  – I must confess, I have always adored a great leather piece, For example, one of my favorite pieces I own is a black T-shirt that I wear in spring and summer because I think that leather should not be limited to only fall and winter. What are your thoughts on this?

AP – One of my favorite pieces I own is our BIA Corset. I wear that in any season because I think that a leather piece is always a statement, a statement of confidence, and a strong personality.

JL  – What do you recommend when someone is thinking about investing in a piece?

AP – I always vote for quality and uniqueness, At PRITCH we create pieces that are able to withstand the times and are always a statement. If you want to invest in a piece, make sure it turns heads.

JL  – Your cut-out corset is AMAZING! I feel that is such a chic piece to own that it makes the whole Look. Is this one of your signature looks? And what inspired you to go this route?

AP – The corset belt is definitely a signature accessory of PRITCH. It is designed to be one size for all and with versatility in mind. The way this one belt can change a simple outfit or an extravagant gown and also highlight the waist is just something else.

JL  – Tell us about the project you are most proud of and why?

AP – I am proud to have collected all our wonderful clients over the years, it makes me blush to bump into clients wearing PRITCH on the streets, overall all, I am a proud mama PRITCH, so far my main project is, of course, my little poodle, Bullet.

JL  – You launched your first collection in 2012, do you think much has changed in the way fashion works? If you were to launch today, would you do it differently? Do you have any advice for young designers that are trying to break into the industry today?

AP – I launched PRITCH straight after graduating from Instituto Marangoni, London. I had basically no experience whatsoever, so everything I have learned was thru hard work and running the company, and the memory of my father. If I were to do it today, I would have probably avoided a lot of mistakes and jumped straight to the point, and not listening to a bunch of opinions. A piece of advice to young designers and entrepreneurs, believe in yourself and never ever give up.

JL  – Is it hard to stay innovative?  We can see you maintain the integrity of the DNA, keeping your brands on point.

AP – Thank you, it means the world to me and my team! You don’t need innovation when you stay true to the core. Identify who and what you are and build everything around it.

JL  – Do you have a first fashion memory that stayed always with you? 

AP – Our biggest show to date, the show of “DIVINE BEINGS “ Collection. Our designer Federica Braghieri and I went out to the end of the runway holding hands, both shaking, exhausted, but so damn proud of ourselves!

JL   – I hesitate to ask this, but, if you were to dress someone at THE MET GALA, who would that be?

AP –Beyonce of course

JL  –  What is your absolute favorite piece hanging in your closet and how do you wear it?

AP –A chain biker from DNA collection, I basically wear it with everything. It just has this uniqueness, edge, and rockstar vibes about it.

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