International artist MARISABEL BAZAN will showcase her newest art exhibition SOULSTICE 2021 curated by Exxhibit Art at  Mondrian Los Angeles’ iconic Magic Box in the lobby of the hotel (8449 Sunset Blvd, West Hollywood CA 90069) beginning June 24th to August 3rd.

Over a year has passed since we were all living in darkness; in a silent sphere of subjective reality.  Soulstice is an exhibition that celebrates the return to the light; inviting you to take a moment and reestablish the connection of the human spirit.  From the Latin meaning, “sun standing still”, Soulstice (solstice) is an ode to the familiar and an honoring of that ethereal space when we are forced to pause; like each in-breath and out-breath there is no rush to the inherent cycles that feed our existence as we rebound toward the light.  

Inspired by Earth kissing the sky at sunrise, and kissing the sea at sunset, Soulstice is a triumph over darkness and the welcoming transmutation of a new era of the human experience. It is a memento of a former life and the representation of alignment and new beginnings. It challenges you to look within and let go of ego. 

Exquisitely rendered through plays on color, texture, abstract shapes and movement, while incorporating copper leaf as a nurturing property of healing and human health, Marisabel Bazan ushers you on a journey into unified consciousness…to allow yourself once more to get lost in the lull, indulging in the slow and steady rhythm of time and grant some breathing room for your soul to rise, once more. 

For the first time, she introduces copper leaf into her works – harnessing the nurturing properties of the element for healing and human health. Available in two sizes –  “Tiny Joy” (3.5” x 3.5”)  and “Baby Joy” (4.5” x 4.5”), each in an edition of 100 – every unique piece is numbered, signed, and presented in a handmade wooden box with a label that reads “Handle with Love”, accompanied with a poem written by the artist.  Proceeds from each individual sale will fund a meal for a child in Panama through the Asociación Pro Niñez Panameña (the Panamanian Pro Childhood Association), a nonprofit institution committed to the comprehensive development of Panamanian children nationwide.

For more information on the exhibition at Mondrian Los Angeles and Marisabel Bazan, visit: https://www.sbe.com/hotels/mondrian/los-angeles/magic-box