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La Métamorphose Couture: Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week 2020

La Métamorphose Couture: Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week 2020

La Métamorphose Couture exquisitley presents their Summer and Spring collection, Le Couleurs de I’Âme (The Colors of the Soul), with a sublime and dreamy ambiance influenced by women and French poet, Sully Prudhomme. The collection portrays women as evanescent beings and contrasts them by displaying an array of elegant hues and pastel colors. Each silhouette embodies the many beautiful facets of a woman’s nature.

The structure and arrangement of fabric and colors generate a sense of daintiness and gracefulness. The feeling of evanescence is shown through the transition of pastel colors and intricate detail with fabrics composing each garment. The French tulles sublimated with the chiffon create a transparent vision for the audience, along with the silk, satin, and taffeta, all in a mixture of soft pastels. The touch of embroidery, feathers, flowers, and ruffles collaborate with the collection by bringing a feeling of sophistication and poise.

La Métamorphose Couture not only exhibited stunning gowns for their Spring and Summer Collection, they also infused a mixture of ravishing pantsuits and jackets into the assortment as well. They utilized the elegant materials presented in the gowns to create a statement of boldness into the collection. This further exemplifies the ‘Colors of the Soul’ theme by revealing the fierce element to a woman’s soul.

What makes Le Couleurs de I’Âme so extraordinary is the strategically placed fabrics and details, the lineup of colors, and its ability to honor and praise the confident, alluring, yet mysterious woman Sully Prudhomme wrote about in his poems. Overall, La Métamorphose generates the idea of a woman as an ethereal muse to the audience with whirlwind of colors to accentuate the dynamic of a woman’s soul.

An excerpt I enjoyed from one of Sully Prudhomme’s poems, L’ÂME (Blade):

Deep in my heart, behind my brow,

There is a soul, invisible but manifest:

The suspicious will look for it;

I spread it, then feel it!

Everywhere sparkle the colors,

But where does this power come from?

There is a blue who kills me,

Because the eyes are made of it.