They say never meet your idols but on a recent trip to Miami, Florida post-NYFW madness I couldn’t resist the opportunity to meet the loveable chimpanzee that has taken the social media world by storm; Limbani and to say my life changed forever would be an understatement. With a staggering 637K devoted following and growing on a daily basis, we are given a firsthand look into the life of the little guy who calls the Zoological Wildlife Foundation home and through his daily antics learn about conservation of this endangered species.

As I headed down the winding road towards the ZWF entrance the anticipation of meeting and interacting with the little guy made me feel like I was off to prom or on a first date – as an animal lover already I am a huge fan of what Mario Tabraue; co-founder and president of ZWF is doing with Limbani but on a wider note w the foundation. The property is an oasis and home to a myriad of animals inc Limbani and feels like you are transported into another world; their (the animals) world.

Zoological Wildlife Foundation differs from your run of the mill zoo experiences it’s an appointment-only property that allows a more intimate and interactive experience as a whole.

From check in to the moment the little guy came round the corner and took my hand to start my encounter and the following few hours will be a memory I will never forget. We bonded like old friends, playing, laughing and interacting getting to know each other and in the process, I knew that I wanted to be an advocate for not only Limbani but for the mission Mario and his team are working towards in terms of education, awareness, and conservation.

After a tour around the full property I decided I had to bring my other love; Mama – my sidekick 8 year -old ShihTzu who if you know me goes everywhere with me back to meet Limbani and would return in just 24 hours to do it all again.

I will say this watching Limbani and Mama interact (in a controlled environment so both were protected) – it really resonated an amazing quote I have always loved and lived by; “Those who teach the most about humanity, aren’t always human”.

We can learn so much from animals and in today’s climate it is more important than ever to look toward a future where we educate our younger generations on the importance and protecting those that do not have a voice. The Zoological Wildlife Foundations mission of promoting the conservation and propagation of rare and endangered species in captivity and sharing our knowledge with others does just that and one little guy Limbani is changing the world through interaction, humor, and individuality – to spend even a minute with him showcases this and cannot wait to spend more time over the coming years watching him grow and also seeing Mario Tabraue’ vision come to life.

Follow Limbani on Instagram @limbaniZWF and the Zoological Wildlife Foundation @zwfmiami