A piece of apparel by Amy Page DeBlasio (APD) is similar to a Christina Aguilera song: distinctly unique to the point of being easily recognized, without even seeing a label or radio details to know for sure. Amy Page DeBlasio, more casually known in the fashion community as APD, has been using her artistic abilities to create wearable works of art that convey a message. For the past two years, As a relatively new artist in the field, APD has continuously made sure her latest collections are current while holding on to her individualism.

A Providence, Rhode Island native, APD finds herself drawing influence from the city to which she was born; oozing edgy yet cool, out of the ordinary chic vibes. Amy makes pieces for the wearer who is not afraid to be themselves, regardless of whatever that may entail. APD selectively chooses fabrics, colors, and styles that challenge how everyday, wearable fashion is far too often monotonously seen.

One APD piece resonated with me the most because it captured the essence of the brand effortlessly. A piece from her AW 2019 Look Book, strikingly beautiful and messy in all the right ways, an APD signature multi-colored, fur coat. As a widely popular trend of the winter, the fur coat is a winter season staple. As an APD piece, it is a breath-taking, hodgepodge of boldness. They are equipped with symmetrical side pockets and a hood. These are arguably the two most fundamental parts of a fabulous jacket. The coat beckons wearability and practicality and is perfectly crafted for streetwear. The jacket brought together by an assortment of poignant hues of blue, pink, yellow, white, orange, and black, radiates brilliant, high-fashion streetwear. While eyes feasted on just one of APD’s masterpieces, her brand came to fruition for me from that singular piece. APD’s brand is electrifying; a world of creative chaos based on simple design constructs. APD screams individuality but is worn by the many who crave funky streetwear.

APD is not for the light-hearted; it is for those who wear their hearts on their sleeves and would not dare to do otherwise.

for more info: amypagedeblasio.com

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