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Might be a hot day in July, but there’s some cold shit coming out of Paris

Paris Fashion Week is being displayed, shared and trending around the world of fashion, which is now taking into account a new era in Parisian fashion house art.

Even with Juergen Teller and a monkey on her back, the clothing still seem’s to be the only thing standing out. The perfection that Saint Laurent has put into detail when it comes to its tailoring is astonishing.

I could remember the first time I walked into a Saint Laurent boutique. I picked up a loose fitted button down shirt and said, “See, this is going to have to get tailored.” The looks I got from the sales associates is something I’ll never forget.

That’s when I realized nothing from Saint Laurent is meant to be tapered, it is all made to fit like a glove.

Anthony Vaccarello outperformed himself on his new winter ’19 collection at Saint Laurent. Embodying the classic forté of Yves Saint Laurent’s image, while cascading it into modern day fashion has been what Vaccarello show’s us time after time.

This seasons campaign is mounted on dresses, fitted blazers, net stockings, trench coats, heavy diamond necklaces and black glasses. Straight up YSL classic style. Oh, don’t forget the badass denim and fur.

As for men, there is always going to be a new pair of distressed jeans we yearn for at night.

Yet that was the Hedi Slimane era of Saint Laurent where most of the fashion house’s collection included both women and men.

Now under Anthony and his work, things seem to learn more on the women’s side.

I don’t see much of the distress trend in men’s jeans anymore, but never the less I bet you my last dollar that the fit of any piece is still the same; same reason why I would bet my last dollar that the open blazer on Juergen Teller would be perfect at a photo shoot or for a stroll down 44th street in Manhattan.

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