Ana Locking is a prêt-à-porter firm founded in Madrid in 2008.

Ana’s love of fashion emerged at an early age in the best school for a fashion designer, her mother’s dressmaking studio, where she grew up among patterns and fabrics. This had a subconscious influence on her future development and expertise in the fashion world. Ana studied Fine Arts at the Universidad Complutense in Madrid, where she worked on her visual approach to the world and developed her passion for beauty, quality and creativity. Her consistency and passion for art and fashion underpin her belief in the importance of equal opportunities through determination and hard work to make dreams come true. This universal, timeless wish to make dreams come true is something with which Ana identifies and which defines her entire life experience.

Ana Locking is a firm committed to fusing craftsmanship and experimentation, linked to conceptual ideas and that pays attention to detail, always with a view to practicality. The concept of each collection is a manifestation of the inspiration drawn by Ana from her vision of contemporary art, youth culture and personal experiences from her own life.

Photography by: Dickson Moses

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