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Cameron Boyce
The world knows him as a Disney boy wonder, but triple threat Cameron Boyce is so much more. From his new accessory collection to his work with clean water, Cameron is taking his reach to a whole new level.

From starting on General Hospital to Adam Sandler films and now starring in the Descendants franchise, do you think that you have a dream career as an actor?
Acting is my dream career. In terms of my credits, I don’t look at them and think I’ve proven myself. I’m really never satisfied… it’s a common trait among actors. I’m extremely grateful for everything that has happened for me, especially being 18, but it just pushes me to do even more.

We know you are a breakdancer, how did that all come about and where do you see it going in your career now?
Breaking was the last dance style that I studied, and one of the most fun. I used to go to jams and dance with my best friends which was some of the best memories I have. We don’t get to break as much anymore because of all of the work that we’re doing. Everyone in the crew has their own thing going now which is amazing.

What are 3 things that even your most devoted fans don’t know about you?
The volume in my car is always on full blast. I eat Oreos with a fork because you can dunk the whole cookie. I put my dad in choke holds and he never sees em’ coming.

You are being honored with the Pioneering Spirit Award for your work with clean water, what drew you to the cause?
We have to start somewhere. It always shocks me how much we neglect basic human essentials. That’s why I’ve worked a lot in reversing the water crisis and the homeless epidemic. It’s so important to be a part of something bigger than you. To use your voice, however big or small it is.

Tell us about your new accessory line. What inspired you to start it?
My love of creating, fashion, and giving back in one project. The whole idea of the line is to produce something that can be loved by anyone. Unisex bracelets that are sold with a portion of the proceeds going to causes that I’m passionate about. It’s so rewarding to do things my way, from designing the bracelets to picking the charities.

Who’s career in Hollywood do you look up to and why? Hollywood crushes?
This year Timothee Chalamet exploded on the scene which was so incredible to watch. He has raw talent that you don’t see in many other places. As for crushes, Lupita is now leading the race thanks to Black Panther.