This 2013 Bentley Continental GT Speed Le Mans Edition will be a powerful complement to a collection of any size and especially those with classic and sporting Bentleys already in the stable, this Continental GT Speed Le Mans Edition marked the important milestone of the return of the high-performance GT car but also to highlight the ground-breaking and indomitable spirit of the legendary Bentley brand. 

Actor Bruce Willis happens to be the proud owner of this beautiful machine. The actor is known for his role of John McClane in the film Die Hard (1988) and its four sequels. He has appeared in over 60 films to date and has a giant appetite for cars is revealed from his extensive collection.

In January 2018, the action star is auctioning off 1 of 48 Le Mans Editions built that is in his possession. With only 1,586 miles since new, The Le Mans Edition includes special 21-inch 7-spoke wheels, clock face, wing badge, numbered badge, sill plates and headrest embroidery. The auto is outfitted with a Twin-Turbo 6.0L W-12 engine with 606 HP and 590 ft/lbs of torque.

Automatic transmission 4-wheel disc brakes with red calipers accent the Beluga exterior paint. The luxurious Beluga leather interior with contrasting Red stitching accented by the Carbon fiber dash panels and center console Navigation with back up camera make up the cockpit and the luxury power adjustable seats all come with memory settings for each driver.

A pioneering British marque celebrates its early outstanding racing successes. Bentley dominated Le Mans in the early years, winning the second race in 1924 and sweeping the field for four consecutive years from 1927-’30, before claiming it’s sixth victory again in 2003.

By nature the Bentley Continental GT Speed Le Mans Edition is cosseting to the driver and lucky passenger with its hand-made and supremely luxurious confines, that are an ideal place to spend time.

In true Grand Touring fashion, it is staggeringly fast, beautifully refined, practical and seriously expensive, the Continental GT Speed is a superb automobile, and the Le Mans Edition takes those attributes and adds even more on top of an already rich cake. One can use the car for errands or weekend jaunts to Neiman Marcus, and it can also make up for the disappointment of not making that birdie on 18 during your round golf this morning.

It’s prodigious power is such that if you desire just put your foot down and mash the throttle into the plush carpets to wake the massive W12 and the scenery around you blurs and chasing the horizon while simultaneously and very simply crush continents in elegant comfort. Triple-digit speeds are easily handled where one would normally be concerned, it’s pace and remarkable poise make you feel like you might have the chance to accomplish just about anything.

Outstanding performance, capable of reaching a top speed of 205mph. Serious amounts of power and torque is the Continental GT Speed hallmark. Massive ventilated disc brakes with ABS and an intelligent four-wheel air suspension, which the driver can adjust to suit driving speed and conditions, make driving the Continental GT Speed hard a particularly distinct pleasure any time, on any road in varying weather conditions. Versatility is part of the overall package.

Bentley has won the 24 Hours of Le Mans six times and this is your chance to acquire an automobile that celebrates those historic on-track successes in France of a storied British marque.

From the company’s inception in 1919, Bentley was remarkably successful in racing and setting numerous new speed records. Founder W.O. Bentley was a supporter of racing as a means of establishing the Bentley marque with engineering competence and the skills of group of drivers quite simply known as the Bentley Boys.

It is these legendary triumphs on the track that have given Bentley its long-lasting reputation for doing things with passion, spirit and teamwork. To mark Bentley’s winning Le Mans drivers from 1924 to 2003 who exemplify all of these qualities and really should be known as the original fast and furious, the legendary “Bentley Boys.”

In the early days of the 24 Hours of Le Mans, the Bentley Boys made headlines around the world as much for their dedication to serious racing as for their most impressive day-long victory celebrations. With focus, determination and a deep passion for racing, these men took the racing world by storm and spectacularly won the endurance race four consecutive years, from 1927 to 1930. The Bentley Boys are legendary and their spirit is alive and well and on display.

There were six distinctive specifications of the Bentley Continental GT Speed Le Mans Edition and all six were designed to convey the individual spirit of each of the Bentley Boys with a decidedly equally individual spirit. Each design had specific configurations that evokes a classic sporting style while underscoring the very spirited Bentley Boys’ rather unique personalities with specific color combinations and exacting details from craftsmen at the factory in Crewe, England.

Under the hood or bonnet if you prefer resides the heart of the GT Speed. A massive 6.0-liter W-12 engine that produces an attention-grabbing 616 horsepower and 590 pound-feet of torque that can help the earth rotate.This prodigious power output from the W12 engine moves GT car from 0-60 mph in 4 seconds and on to a top speed of 205 mph.

Each car has a sequential numbered badge (1 of 48) that signifies it’s part of the limited-edition series. Distinguishing features includes a Bentley interior hallmark, special contrast stitching on the diamond-quilted areas of the seats and symbolic Le Mans embroidery on all four headrests. A Breitling-branded Le Mans clock sits in the dash and Le Mans Edition treadplates round out the exclusive character of this special edition.

Each Bentley is special. Built on an enduring vision that will celebrate its one hundred birthday in 2019, it values performance, crafts-built automobiles to exacting standards. Each car is a fusion of technology and craftsmanship with an end result of a build-time of 400-man hours.

The engaging stories of the Bentley Boys’ extraordinary racing achievements is in every line of the silhouette, the harmonious and natural shape of the instrument panel, the deep smooth idle of the massive engine that holds an ocean of power in reserve. The spirit of these remarkable drivers comes alive again, as every turn in the road anticipates pure pleasure in driving the and spoken in the fluent

language of the Bentley Continental GT Speed Le Mans Edition which is power and speed.

Bentley and the spirit of Le Mans: be a part of the legend.

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