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YLLO: The Natural Anti- Inflammatory Solution for Your Skin

YLLO: The Natural Anti- Inflammatory Solution for Your Skin

Known as a powerful anti-inflammatory and vibrant yellow spice, turmeric has quickly become as popular in the supplement aisle as it is in the kitchen. Turns out what’s good for the inside of you, is fantastic for your skin- who knew!? YLLO’s Turmeric Face Scrub harnesses the power of turmeric into skin care gold … and lets you face the harsh summer sun with glowing skin.

Using ingredients found in your local grocery store, you can soften your skin while fighting/preventing those pesky acne scars. YLLO is also raising awareness for an incredible cause that many don’t know still exist.

YLLO’s Turmeric Face Scrub unveils teddy bear soft skin. It also reduces redness and inflammation and creates an even skin tone. With continued use, YLLO can reduce acne and scarring, will keep wrinkles away, and if you’re bothered by facial hair- this scrub can lighten and even stop peach fuzz from growing in the first place.

YLLO isn’t just trying to better your skin, it’s on a mission to better the world! YLLO is teaming up with a foundation called Girls Not Brides in order to end child marriage. In some South Asian countries where turmeric is used in wedding ceremonies, nearly half of girls are married before they are 18, mostly against their will. YLLO wants to change that by donating to charities working to end the practice and give girls the power to make their own choices.

More to love about YLLO:

  • Healthy ingredients – everything in this amazing scrub can be found in your kitchen: organic turmeric, chick pea flour, coconut oil, cane sugar, sea salt, vitamin E oil, essential lemon oil. That’s it!
  • 100% natural – gluten, paraben, toxin free.
  • YLLO for a cause – 10% of every purchase goes to help end child marriage.
  • Cruelty-free – YLLO loves animals too that’s why it’s never tested on them.
  • It works! – Get your money back if you don’t love it. But YLLO knows you will!